1976 - Die Sonnenwürmer
The Solar Worms
Uwe Anton

100,000 years ago, in the Louipaz galaxy.
A ship of the Joridans is orbiting a sand planet, investigating the few animals that dwell there. They are intrigued by a six-meter long worm-like creature that seems to be able to accumulate energy from the sun and release it at will. The lightnings are accompanied with hyper-dimensional vibrations, leading the researchers to think that somehow, these worms also have a connection with hyperspace. They manage to capture three worms and bring them back to Ohmgara, their home planet.

120 years later.
The Joridans have genetically manipulated the worms, greatly increasing their potential. They have baptized them Guanaar, after the name of their leader. The worms can now teleport and take a symbiot with them. The idea of using them as organic spaceships comes into consideration.

40,000 years ago.
The worms are now around sixty meter long in average, but their origins are lost in history. The Joridans have been looking for the worms homeworld for more than seventy years now. An organic ship led by Rihaansa and piloted by Rhaabeth, a domestic worm, eventually locates it. However, they are not the first ones : twenty-eight ships of the Ylloptians have beaten them there. The Ylloptians have dropped bombs on the planet so as to destroy it. The Ylloptians were the first victims of the new breed of Solar Worms, which depleted their suns and caused their whole race to go almost extinct.

The nuclear fire that is starting on the planet makes Rhaabeth lose its reason. It tells the commandant that the time has come for the Guanas (the current name of the Solar Worms) to break free of their creators. Then, Rhaabeth kills its crew.

20,000 years ago.
Koolaas is one of the few survivors of the Joridans. In his organic ship, piloted by Yoba'a'teth, he is investigating a sun that recently turned into a nova. The inhabitants of the solar system fought the Guan a Var (how Solar Worms are now called) attacking their main sun and eventually managed to kill it. But it was too late, the star turned into a nova. Koolaas keeps Yoba'a'teth under close scrutiny but it seems that the worm is still sane.

Koolaas finds the dead body of the Solar Worm and salvages the syntronic computer of the now dead organic ship. Then Koolaas learns about the history of the Solar Worms, how they were discovered 70,000 years ago, genetically manipulated. Eventually, the Joridans gave intelligence to the worms and started to rely extensively on their symbiosis capacity.

Throughout the manipulations, the Guan a Vars evolved and turned into hyperdimensional creatures. They stopped perceiving the normal space at all and lost their intelligence, becoming animals led by instinct only. Shortly after, Yoba'a'te's turn comes. The worm kills Koolaas, sealing the fate of the Joridans and starting the era of the Guan a Vars.

The present, in Chearth.
The hyperspace resonator reveals that nine Solar Worms have successfully escaped from the Skoghal sun and they are headed toward another star. Thanks to the modified transform cannons on board the ship, Ronald Tekener has been able to turn the odds against the Tazolan enemy ship. But Norgo ro Yong will not comply and consequently, his ship is destroyed. The Tazolan prisoners are too fanatic to give any meaningful information to the Terrans.

Vincent Garron, now in the body of a clone, speaks for So'o'Both, the Solar Worm he is in contact with. The worm explains to the terrans its origin, from the very start, 100,000 years ago. He is the only Solar Worm left with intelligence but he knows it is about to lose it as well. Soon, he will become a purely five-dimensional animal with which any communications will be impossible.

After they decimated the Louipaz galaxy, the Solar Worms realized that the nearest galaxy was too distant for them to attempt a jump. Suddenly, a new and very powerful source of energy appeared. They seized their last chance of survival and jumped there only to realize that it was actually a trap. Only twenty-five thousand worms survived and the population stabilized in the Solar Prison. As So'o'Both was getting desperate to find anybody to communicate with, Vincent Garron appeared and started talking with him. As mindless creatures, the Solar Worms are completely unaware of the chaos they are causing and So'o'Both understands that they appear as monsters for four-dimensional beings, but there is nothing they can do. Then, the communication with So'o'Both stops.

Out of the nine Solar Worms escaped, six have lost track and returned to the Solar Prison. But the other three have successfully escaped and have dematerialized for some unknown destination...

Cedric Beust

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