1975 - Sonnenecho
Solar Echo
Ernst Vlcek

In Chearth, the Scoctorian Norgo ro Yong takes the lead of a small fleet and heads for the Solar Prison in order to free their god, Gaintanu. Norgi ro Yong is sick and about to die. He hopes that in reward for his dedication, his god will grant him immortality.

On Thagarum, Myles Cantor asks Ronald Tekener to head for the center of the Solar Prison, the sun Skoghal, in order to look for Vincent Garron. He will take on board four human clones so that the deincarnated mutant can find a new home for his body. Their ship is fitted with a hyperzone detector that should help them locate the mutant.

Atlan learns that the Mhogena, the Fifth Messenger, has just emerged from the Mushroom Dome on Thagarum. The Gharrian explains that his demands for help were received coldly by the Galacticum and that there was little point for him to stay any longer on Earth. Then Atlan receives a message from Blo Rakane, the White Halutian, who informs him about the will of all his people to travel to Chearth to assist them in their fight against the Solar Worms. A fleet of eight-hundred ships will be boarded on the She'Huan and they will then undertake the trip over fourteen million light-years, expecting to reach Chearth in seventy days.

The fleet led by Norgo ro Yong is decimated by the violent conditions that reign in the Solar Prison. Many ships are destroyed, and others are considering giving up, worried by Norgo ro Yong's fanatism.

Thanks to the hyperzone detector and Tuyula Azik's perception, the Terrans manage to sense Vincent Garron in the proximity, but they cannot locate him exactly. They also detect what they suspect is communication between the Solar Worms, but they can't make sense of it, although it seems that Vincent Garron is talking with them.

Tuyula Azik is then invested by a foreign personality. It's not Vincent Garron, but Soboth, his evil personality which everyone thought had been destroyed. The ship is suddenly attacked by the Scoctorians, who have arrived in the vicinity. The Terrans try to escape but they are no match for the Scoctorian fleet. They receive an ultimatum to surrender. They dive into the atmosphere of Skoghal to gain a reprieve.

Soboth says that Vincent Garron is dead and threatens to kill Tuyula Azik if a clone is not made available to him. Vincent Garron intervenes and chases Soboth from Tuyula Azik. He invests the clone's body and says he thinks he should be able to get used to that new host. He also carries bad news : the Solar Worms have sensed that their prison is weakening. Even though they are able to communicate, depleting suns is their only means of survival, and they will stop at nothing...

Cedric Beust

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