1974 - Hetzjagd am Black Hole
Hunt in the Black Hole
Rainer Castor

As Wanderer comes in range of Materia, it activates a powerful tractor beam and attempts to pull the island out of the black hole. However, limited by the time it can stay in the proximity of the black hole, it has to retreat before it gets a chance of actually budging the artificial planet. Ki thaRao tells Pucky that the only way they have to damage Materia is to place the bombs at strategic places. However, to achieve this effect, some Errands will have to stay on Materia and sacrifice themselves detonating them.

Shabazza asks Cairol the permission to return among his family in the asteroid swarm. The robot accepts. As Shabazza reintegrates the body of the Director in his asteroid, he remembers how Torr Samaho and Cairol the Second defeated him in the past. He is forced to obey them but he hopes he can shake this enslavement one day.

Pucky tries to spy the thoughts of Torr Samaho but all he gets is vague images. When he recognizes a swarm of asteroids, he begins to suspect that Shabazza is a Creator, which would explain all the insider information he seems to have about the Thoregon coalition. The mutant foils a plan devised by an Errand who wanted to betray them. The bombs are finally in place and are detonated.

The impact on Materia is not as big as they expected but still, it will cause a major delay in Samaho's plans. First dumbfounded by the Errand's betrayal, Cairol quickly reacts and starts chasing them. He destroys the ship in which they were trying to escape.

Pucky manages to immobilize Shabazza thanks to the constraints that Cairol had already put on him. He kidnaps him and the four of them teleport in open space. where they are quickly rescued by the Sol.

Cedric Beust

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