1972 - Die Kosmische Fabrik
The Cosmic Factory
Arndt Ellmer

After the Galacticum's refusal to assist him in his fight against Shabazza, Rhodan has decided to attack Materia with the Sol. He hopes that the super-intelligence hiding in the Black Hole will help them, otherwise they don't stand a chance. The Sol reaches Dengejaa Uveso and after some searching, they locate Materia. The factory is making regular incursions into the Black Hole, obviously looking for the super-intelligence.

Pucky attempts to teleport inside the factory but he fails. As soon as Materia detects the Sol, it rushes toward them and almost catches up with them. The Sol barely manages to escape in Hypercadence. Blo Rakane devises a plan involving the Virtual Creator, hoping to confuse the cosmic factory.

A delegation of the LFT led by Paola Daschmagan arrives and contacts the Sol. The Terran administrator realized how important Rhodan's fight was and decided she would help him unoficially. The Terrans also receive the support of a lonely ship, the Perlamarin V, which makes an attempt at contacting Materia. At first, it seems Materia is letting the Perlamarin approach but just as it is about to reach the factory, the ship is mercilessly destroyed.

Pucky, Blo Rakane and the Oxtornian go on a small space ship, the Piccolo, and will take advantage of the forthcoming big offensive to sneak through Materia's defensive shield. The Terran fleet attacks but is severely hit by the factory, which is not fooled by the virtual echoes. Pucky and his two teammates teleport out of the Piccolo just before it is destroyed. They manage to set foot on Materia.

Cedric Beust

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