1971 - Rätselhaftes Sarkamanth
The Enigmatic Sarkaman
H.G. Francis

The Alvarez and the Good Hope III have been sent back to Kurryan with 1500 people on board in order to retrieve the two Korrago spaceships. They return to Thorrimer four days later. Meanwhile, a disk-shaped space ship has appeared on Thorrimer and lands on an island close to Nation Alashan.

Around the mysterious space ship, a small city appears that covers the whole island. It looks like a village from the Earth middle-age, dominated by a big tower. Robots are sent to the village to investigate but they are held back by some unknown force field.

Using his paradreamer ability, Benjameen is able to break through the defense field and he explores the village. The little town seems to be made of representatives of the several people in DaGlausch. They are very cooperative and answer to all his questions. When asked about their purpose here, they all say they work for a being called Metamorf (Wechselbalg).

Unaware of Benjameen's findings, The Alashan government is busy devising a way to use the two Korrago ships to evacuate the population. They need to remove all the weapons and other unnecessary equipment from the space ships. Mondra Diamond, now seven months pregnant, interrupts one of their sessions and tells them that Metamorf is here to help them and that He shouldn't be considered as an enemy.

Mysterious creatures start appearing everywhere in Nation Alashan. They are dressed as clowns and seem to be immaterial. They won't answer to questions and cannot be caught. Suddenly, they attack. They don't seem to be actually willing to hurt the Terrans but they focus their attacks on equipment, and more precisely, on the two Korrago ships. The Alashanians are helpless fighting these immaterial beings, yet able to cause great damage around them. Soon, irreparable harm is done to both ships and the last hope for Alashan is gone.

In the city, which he called Sarkamanth, Benjameen has come into one of the small houses. When he comes out, the population has changed. They call themselves Toraabians and seem to think that they are living in a distant past. Benjameen tries the experience again and when he comes out, another people has taken their place. This time, they are Galornians and to Benjameen's great surprise, they have no knowledge about Thoregon or Terra. Benjameen begins to think he is now prisoner of some time machine that makes him travel each time he enters and comes out of one of the houses.

Desperate, he heads for the tower where he is finally introduced to Metamorf. He is a four-meter tall being constantly changing shape, thus his name. He introduces himself as a super-intelligence and tells Benjameen that Sarkamanth is his own encyclopedia, gathering all sorts of information about DaGlausch and its history. Metamorf he has come to Thorrimer to prevent the Alashanians from leaving the DaGlausch galaxy because they have to accomplish something together. When Benjameen mentions the forthcoming super-vibration, Metamorf says he will protect them, with the help of some other mysterious entity.

Benjameen is then sent back to Alashan where he tells Gia de Moleon and Stendal Navajo about the super-intelligence. They decide to cancel their attack on Sarkamanth. At this very moment, Thorrtimer, the sun, goes into some transformation. Gia de Moleon first thinks that the super-vibration has already reached them but Tess tells her it's something different. She has just mentally heard that another super-intelligence by the name of Nisaaru has just arrived. Benjameen now knows where Metamorf will get his help from.

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