1970 - Hiobsbotschaft
Bad News
Horst Hoffmann

In the DaGlausch galaxy, the spaceship Alvarez is looking for Korrago bases in the Kurryan system. After the termination virus was emitted by Rhodan when he attacked Century, all the Korragos are assumed to be deactivated. As the Alvarez detects an underground base on the tenth planet, they are attacked by the Hamaradans, three-legged beings living in a nearby system.

In Alashan, Gia de Moleon, Stendal Navajo and other members of the government are trying to find a solution to evacuate the 200,000 citizens of the city before the super-vibration reaches them. Tess Quyamin and Benjameen Jacinta take on themselves to inform the whole population and panic ensues. The closest safe galaxy is Rokantara, 1.4 million light-years away from DaGlausch, but the Alashanians only have two ships capable of intergalactic travel, and they won't hold the whole population.

Several solutions are considered : enhance the Good Hope III with additional space, send it to Rokantara to get help, erect a Paratron-shield over Thorrimer, but none of them is workable.

Underarmed, the Alvarez is forced to elude the Hamaradan ships but cannot leave Kurryan X before the small commando they dispatched on the planet comes back. As it is about to surrender, the Alvarez is rescued by the Good Hope III, which quickly gets rid of the Hamaradan ships. The commando on Kurryan X discovers two abandoned Korrago spaceships, big enough to hold the whole Alashan population after some remodeling. The Hamaradans come back into Kurryan with a fleet of six hundred ships. Using the VI Creator, a weapon formerly used by Rhodan on Century that allows to create virtual clones of spaceships, the Good Hope III is able to keep them away while the Alvarez safely escapes.

The two ships return to Thorrimer and inform Gia de Moleon and Stendal Navajo of their finding.

Cedric Beust

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