197 - Höllentanz der Riesen
Hell Dance of the Giants
William Voltz

Since 23 May 2329 the Lion, commanded by Nome Tschato, searches for the néo-molkex near the center of the Milky Way. On July 18 it discovers the wreckage of an experimental Akonide vessel that collided with an unknown object while in hyperspace. For the first time, the crew of the Lion finds traces of the long searched for neo-molkex.

The same day the Lion enters the Whilor System, attracted by energy impulses. The vessel is attracted by an unknown strength to the fourth planet where the energy discharges are taking place. The planet is baptized Pulsa. All instruments on the Lion functioning on a five-dimensional basis are suddenly destroyed and the Lion is forced to land on the surface of Pulsa. The Terrans find the néo-molkex on Pulsa. It comes from the Blues vessels lost at the time of the war with the United Imperium. The neo-molkex is responsible for the energy impulses. The fall of the néo-molkex on Pulsa has been caused by threadlike creatures with many extremities, named Dancers because of the way they move. They form the remnants of the Suprahet. The Dancers extricate the energy of the néo-molkex which they then use to feed themselves and to catapult themselves into hyperespace. The Dancers grow so large that they begin to endanger the Lion which is trapped by them on the surface of Pulsa.

When the Lion is attacked by rockets of unknown origin, the Dancers retreat from the Lion in order to absorb the energy of these same rockets as they explode. The Lion uses this diversion to take off and escape. It takes up a waiting position near the Whilor System since its Kulap Drive is out of commission and it can only travel in normal space using its impulse propulsion system.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-21

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