1969 - Grausame Götter
Cruel Gods
Ernst Vlcek

As Vincent Garron is evolving through his Elysium filled with bright colors, everything suddenly becomes dark. He senses a presence, who identifies himself as Soboth. He is the reason why the colors disappeared.

Myles Kantor is worried : not only do the Algiots keep destabilizing the neutron star Vlaschos, one of the sixty-one suns that make the Solar Prison, they are now trying to destroy Huscoot, one of the eleven command stations.

On the Merlin, the mysterious Soboth takes control of Oliver Dermont, a crew member, and starts looking for Vincent Garron. The mutant knows now that Soboth is responsible for his color blindness, but he cannot explain why.

Meanwhile, Vil at Desch keeps relating the past of his people to Mhogena. The Gharrian tells him that the Tazolans were manipulated by Shabazza, who took the identity of Xion, a prophet, to mislead them.

The past. As the Tazolans send their first rocket in orbit, the Urungabians, a race of extraterrestrials, make contact with them and inform them that they will help them through their evolution. Their goal is actually to use the Tazolans as mercenaries for their own purpose. The Tazolans are both a scientific and a religious people and they worship many different gods, the main one being Gaintanu, said to be held prisoner in a distant star.

As the pressure from the Urungabians becomes stronger, the Tazolans revolt against them and eventually destroy them. The Tazolans conquer their galaxy, Algion, and create the Clannach Imperium.

Xion, the prophet, appears to the Tazolans and tells them that their god, Gaintanu, must be freed from his prison in the Chearth galaxy. For that purpose, Xion offers them two devices : one that will make them immune to the psi faculties of the Gharrians and the other that will help them disrupt the control stations maintaining the stability of the prison. Having assimilated these technologies, the Tazolans gather a fleet of 200,000 ships and head for Chearth. Since Chearth is four million light years away, the Tazolans build three stations equally spaced in the void.

The present. On the Merlin, Vincent Garron is about to disappear again. Before he vanishes, Tuyula Azik asks him if he thinks that Soboth might actually be a Guan a Var, to which the mutant answers that it is quite possible.

Cedric Beust

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