1968 - Ketzer der Tazolen
The Heretics from Tazolar
Susan Schwartz

The Algiotic Hikers intensify their attacks against the Solar Prison. After destabilizing the pulsar Vlaschos, they are now sending disrupting pulses from the control stations ten and eleven (Huscoot and Thuraghur). The Terrans barely manage to counterbalance these attacks. They ask Vincent Garron if he can help them sabotage these stations but the mutant refuses.

On the Merlin, Vil at Desch tells the Terrans that before Thagarum was conquered, he had put away a large supply of Elcoxol. He didn't tell the Terrans earlier because he didn't trust them. His ship is hidden on the planet Gantusch, a water-world which was one of the very first worlds destroyed by the Algiots. With a small group of Terrans, Vil at Desch sets off for this planet on board the Dolamo. During the flight, Vil at Desch tells Mhogena about the past of his race.

Two thousand years in the past on Tazolar. Ver to Nisch, an archeologist, discovers ancient writings in a cave that lead him to believe that in the past, his race was dominated by women. Currently, females have a very minor role in their civilization and this discovery puzzles Ver to Nisch. When he reveals his findings, he is accused of heresy by his people, but this doesn't stop him from investigating further.

The ancient text was written by a high-priestess. She was the one who found out about the curative properties of a mud for the skin of Tazolans. Enriched by insects called Myrdens, the mud became an elixir which she called Elcoxol. At this time, women only lived half the time males did, but with the Elcoxol, they were able to extend their lifetime. The secret of the Elcoxol was carefully kept away from the male population.

The women eventually had to collaborate with the men because their population was decreasing. From that day, the males took over their civilization and eventually reduced the females to a minimal role.

The present. The Dolamo is attacked by the natives of Gantusch, who think that they are Algiots. The Terrans easily repel them and locate Vil at Desch's ship, with its shipment of precious elixir. Vil at Desch now has supplies for many years.

Cedric Beust

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