1967 - Die List des Scoctoren
The List of the Scoctorian
Uwe Anton

The past. Twenty years after his first contact with Nisaaru, Mhogena is contacted by Botagho, who asks him to come on board his ship, the Thoregon Five. Their destination is a region of space that is forbidden to navigation because many ships never came back from it. Botagho explains that this area of space is littered with sixth-dimension radiations that turn it into an energetic maze. Thanks to his psi-reflection abilities, Botagho is able to open a tunnel through it.

The present. Atlan has contacted Dro ga Dremm, the new leader of the Algiotic Hikers, and tries to explain to him what the Solar Prison is actually. Dro ga Dremm accepts to meet Atlan in a neutral zone, and he promises that Vil at Desch will receive an Elcoxol treatment that will allow him to survive for some more time.

The past. Botagho explains to Mhogena the origin of this energetic formation. In ancient times, entities above super-intelligences hired Time Engineers to construct a cosmic structure called Triicle. To achieve that goal, the engineers had to create six-dimension tunnels. However, they made mistakes and were also submitted to numerous sabotages. One of these tunnels is in Chearth, where they are currently. Initially, the Gharrians were not able to enter the tunnel, but Nisaaru opened the access for them. Only the strongest Masters of the Sand are able to open the tunnel.

The present. Atlan, Vil at Desch and a small group of Terrans are invited on Dro ga Dremm ship. As Vil at Desch is taken away to receive his Elcoxol treatment, Atlan gives the Tazolan leader a data-crystal holding all the evidence that it's not the Tazolan god that is being kept prisoner in the Solar Prison, but the Solar Worms. On a video, the Terrans follow Vil at Desch receiving a shower of Elcoxol. His skin is rejuvenated when he comes out. Dro ga Dremm tries to persuade him that he is wrong and suddenly, he pulls out his gun and threatens him. The Terrans were prepared for such a betrayal. They rescue Vil at Desch and escape from the Tazolan ship.

The past. Botagho reveals to Mhogena that he is the Fifth Messenger of Thoregon, and that he is going to need a successor. But before that, Mhogena needs a Passantum, and the bracelet can only be adapted to his frequency in the galaxy Shaogen-Himmelreich, eleven million light-years away from Chearth. This is where they are now headed. Their ship reaches its destination and approaches the Baolin Delta-Space, an area made of psi-matter. There, Mhogena receives his own Passantum. Botagho tells him he will be contacted by a Heliot shortly to receive more information about his mission as Fifth Messenger of Thoregon.

The present. Vincent Garron teleports back into the Merlin and this time, Tuyula Azik is able to turn on the protection field before he can go again. Trapped on board, Garron explains that the only place where he feels well is in the Solar Prison, which he calls his "Elysium".

Cedric Beust

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