1965 - Mission des Boten
The Mission of the Messenger
Robert Feldhoff

Perry Rhodan has taken the Sol to Camelot, where the ship will be analyzed so that its advanced technologies can be understood and reproduced by the Terran scientists. Of most interest to the Terrans is the Hypercadence engine and the Carit, the alloy the hull and most of the ship is now made of. Rhodan would also like to see how the Korra Vir, the computer virus he stole from Shabazza, could be put to a greater use. Rhodan asks Tifflor to go to Mirkandol and ask the representatives of the Galacticum to allow him to speak to their next meeting in three days, on January 15th, 1291 NGE.

In the Joel system, Blo Rakane unveils parts of their plan to Bré Tsinga. They are building a gigantic interval cannon and they will then take it to Chearth. The white Halutian will not reveal more to the young woman, except that he intends to speak in front of the Galacticum on January 15th.

Rhodan meets with Cistolo Khan in Terrania and explains him the situation about Materia. The cosmic factory is in Dengejaa Uveso, the black hole, and is looking for a super-intelligence whose identity hasn't been determined yet. Rhodan is persuaded that the factory of the Cosmocrats is ill-intended and he wants the people of the Milky Way to join forces for a preemptive strike.

Rhodan then goes on Trokan and enters the Mushroom Dome. He wants to meet with the Heliots and ask them for help. On the Bridge to Infinity, Rhodan finds a dead body. The corpse belongs to none of the last five races of Thoregon. It might be that of a Creator but Rhodan is not sure. When he tries to touch the decaying body, he is attacked by some unknown force. At a loss explaining the presence of this body on the Bridge, Rhodan decides to destroy it. He then crosses the bridge and tries to exit it a the so-called proto-gate, where the Heliots are said to live. First denied the access, Rhodan eventually finds his way through but he exits in an empty place. He assumes he has been denied the right to talk with the Heliots and heads back to Trokan. There, he realizes that a temporal anomaly has taken him three days in the future. It is now January 15th.

On Camelot, the scientists have disassembled the main parts of the Sol and realize that the Hypercadence! engine is mostly made of Carit, so they will be unable to reproduce or understand how it works. On top of that, Seneca refuses to be upgraded from biopositronics to syntronics.

Icho Tolot flies to the Joel system to join his people, who are busy working on the interval cannon and finishing preparing the She'Huan for its flight toward Chearth. He meets Blo Rakane for the first time and the white Halutian explains the reason for his strange anatomy. During the Monos reign, Blo Rakane's father was deported in an unnamed galaxy twenty million light years away from the Milky Way. There, he gave birth to Blo Rakane who was therefore exposed to a different environment, explaining his current metabolism. It took Blo Rakane several centuries before he could come back to the Milky Way.

The Sol arrives in the Arkonid empire and is greeted by a fleet of six thousand ships. It is then escorted to Mirkandol and the Galacticum assembly begins. Shortly thereafter, Rhodan is invited to speak. After describing the situation in Chearth, Rhodan discloses the coordinates of Camelot in a gesture of good will. He then asks officially the help of the Galacticum so that a powerful fleet can be sent there and assist the Chearthians in their fight against the Algiotic Hikers. Then Blo Rakane speaks. He tells them that the integrality of his people (about 100,000 Halutians) is about to fly to Chearth. The vote takes place, but the outcome is bad for Rhodan : 87% of the assembly decides against such a decision. Utterly despaired by this betrayal of his own people, Rhodan leaves the stage.

Rhodan talks with Blo Rakane for the first time and asks the white Halutian not to take part in the flight to Chearth. He estimates that as few scientists as possible should expose their lives because they will be needed in a near future here. Blo Rakane accepts but only because Rhodan is the Sixth Messenger and as such, he must have his own reasons.

Cedric Beust

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