1964 - Ein weißer Haluter
A White Halutian
Horst Hoffmann

On Mimas, Icho Tolot and Pucky are discussing with Dr. Wojtyczeks, who is in charge of the treatment for Michael Rhodan. Wojtyczeks is considering exposing Michael to radiations in order to destroy the 3.3 million cells that invaded his body. He thinks that Michael's activator should be strong enough to regenerate the healthy cells that will be destroyed in the process.

In Calcutta North, Julkyan Ziriamber, an Arkonid agent, has been sent to find information about Blo Rakane, the White Halutian who arrived on Earth a few days ago and contacted Genhered, a Nonggo who lives in the Nonggo History museum. They are soon joined by Bré Tsinga, the cosmopsychologist sent out by the Earth government in order to assist Blo Rakane in his quest. The Halutian explains that since Terra won't send assistance to Chearth, in contradiction with the Thoregon agenda, his people have decided to get more involved in the conflict, so he is now looking for information about the Solar Worms and how the Nonggos defeated them in the past.

On Mimas, Michael Rhodan is exposed to X rays. The first results show that 80% of the foreign cells have been destroyed. Just as Pucky and Tolot are rejoicing by this encouraging result, the enemy cells start regenerating in Rhodan's body. Wojtyczeks suggests that another attempt should be made with a stronger dose of radiations. Pucky objects to the decision but eventually agrees, convinced by Tolot.

Ziriamber overhears discussions between Blo Rakane, Genhered and Bré Tsinga. He now knows why the Halutian came on Earth. However, the agent is soon tracked down by the TLD, the Earth secret services, who are also interested both in the Arkonid and Blo Rakane's agenda.

On Mimas, the next irradiation attempt successfully destroys all the foreign cells in Rhodan's body. However, a heavy damage has been inflicted on the Terran and even his cell activator might not be sufficient to recover. Still in a coma, Michael Rhodan is taken in a special room where everyone hopes that he will soon wake up.

Pucky is then contacted by Bré Tsinga who asks him help regarding Blo Rakane. Tolot tells her what he knows about the white Halutian : he is very famous on Halut both because of the unusual color of his skin and also for his remarkable astronomical expertise. Bré Tsinga is not satisfied with her progress and she wants to talk to Blo Rakane privately. Pucky teleports her on board the Halutian's ship, the Zhauritter.

Blo Rakane comes back into his ship and takes off. Bré Tsinga reveals herself to him and he does not seem surprised. Convinced that the young Terran wants to help him, he keeps her on board and they head for the Joel system, 30,000 light years away from the Earth. There, they rendezvous with a 4800 meter wide structure called She'Huan, formerly an arkonid ship that the Halutians modified. Bré Tsinga assumes that the She'Huan will somehow take them to Chearth.

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