1960 - Gefangene des Bordgehirns
Prisoner of the Computer
Horst Hoffmann

On the Earth, Pucky and Icho Tolot ask Cistolo Khan's help. They relate him their adventures in the Fornax galaxy : they were captured by Shabazza and received an implant that turned them into slaves. So did Michael Rhodan, who became Torric, the Lord of Time. While Pucky and Tolot were able to eventually get rid of the implant, Michael's chip transformed into millions of cells that occupied his body. Pucky and Tolot were able to kidnap him and put him in a stasis. Now they are asking for Khan's authorization to take him to Mimas' clinic, where an operation could be attempted to remove all the micro-cells from his body. As Cistolo Khan accepts, the Sol materializes in the Solar System.

The ship is measured as eight kilometer long, which intrigues Tolot and Pucky since they know that the Sol was only six and a half kilometer last time they saw it. Perry Rhodan contacts the Earth and explains them the situation.

On board the Sol, a group of engineers informs Rhodan that they are able to spy the external communications and that Seneca is currently talking with Cistolo Khan using a virtual image of Rhodan. The fake Rhodan explains to Khan that the Hypercadence engine is unstable and that no ship should approach the Sol as long as he hasn't explicitly authorized it. Rhodan realizes that Seneca is probably under the control of the Nano-Column that Shabazza left before he abandoned the ship.

Monkey informs Rhodan that thanks to the bomb they hid near Seneca's surveillance node, the computer is no longer able to locate them. They have also found out that Seneca is downloading enormous amounts of information about the various defense systems of the Earth.

Pucky and Tolot are intrigued by Rhodan's refusal to let Terran engineers on board. They suspect he might not be speaking with his free will. Since the Sol isn't using its Paratron shield, they try to teleport on board but are violently repelled by an unknown force that aggresses Pucky and forces Tolot to switch to his crystalline form. The two immortals quickly recover.

Meanwhile on Trokan, Mhogena comes out of the Mushroom Dome. Cistolo Khan greets him and the Gharrian reports the latest events in Chearth : Shabazza abused the Algiot's religious beliefs and convinced them to destroy the Solar Prison, and thus unleash the Solar Worms. The Gilgamesch is helpless fighting the evergrowing ranks of the Hikers. Mhogena gives Khan data crystals containing all the relevant information about Chearth and then goes back into the Mushroom Dome, crossing the Bridge to Infinity to some unknown destination.

On board the Sol, the Terran crew is making its way to the central command of the Cell-1. They want to separate it from the rest of the ship. After numerous fights against robots sent out by Seneca, they reach the Center and detach the section from the rest of the ship. This turns out to be a trap laid out by Seneca, who reattaches the Cell-1 to the ship, locks all the Terrans behind Paratron shields and starts the Hypercadence engine toward an unknown destination.

On Terra, a Haluter ship lands near Calcutta-North. Its occupant is a white Haluter named Blo Rakane, who contacts the Nonggo Genhered and asks him about information the history of his race, and more precisely how they defeated the Solar Worms in the past.

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