196 - Planet der letzten Hoffnung
The Planet of Last Hope
K.H. Scheer

On 3 July 2329, the radio operator, Shelo Bontlyn, receives, on the secret plophosian world Last Hope, the only planet of the sun Bolo, a message that has been broadcast throughout the galaxy by Perry Rhodan announcing the fall of the dictator, Iratio Hondro. Rhodan also reveals in his message the existence of an antidote against the injections of Hondro's drug. Shelo passes the message on to his fellow workers and flees to the surface of Last Hope with the technician Miles Traut, whose job it is to construct transformer cannons for Hondro. They are pursued by the Blue Guard. They hide themselves on the back of a gigantic creature which is shaped like a triangle that is five hundred twenty meters long.

When Iratio Hondro lands on Last Hope the next day, the fugitives return to the base and join a revolt led by Major Merl Hafgos, one of the addicted officers of the planetís Blue Guard. Hondro successfully escapes from the planet. When, shortly afterwards, the Terrans arrive on Last Hope and take care of the drug addicts, Traut tells them about Hondroís secret planet named Opposite.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-17

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