1958 - Der Oxtorner und sein Okrill
The Oxtornian and his Okrill
Arndt Ellmer

In the Lhanzoo system, three light-years away from the Solar Prison, the Algiotic Hikers keep attacking Thagarum with a fleet of 22,000 ships led by Tazolans. Atlan is still worried about Vincent Garron, who represents a potential threat to the safety of the Gilgamesch. He asks the Oxtornian Dennor Massall to watch over the mutant using his okrill, Tarlan. Tarlan seems to be affected by the proximity of the Solar Prison and Atlan suspects that the animal might have some connection with Garron.

Terran scientists determine that the Solar Prison is getting more and more unstable because of the Algiots, who keep sending disruptive impulses to the stations. Mhogena questions Vil At Desch, who was in charge of the command station on Thagarum. First reluctant, the Scoctorian eventually confesses that he needs some elixir, called Elcoxol, to survive. If Mhogena is able to supply him with it, he will help the Terrans.

Atlan decides to launch an attack against the main station emitting these impulses, located on the planet Kauhriom. They quickly determine that the pulses come from a station in orbit around the planet and they begin to attack it. Meanwhile, Myles Kantor realizes that the Guan a Vars, the Solar Worms, are getting restless. They seem to feel that their prison is cracking up and the process now seems irreversible. The Terrans conquer the station on Kauhriom and destroy the impulse emitter, but this is most likely useless now.

Vincent Garron, accompanied by Massal and Tarlan on an excursion within the enemy fleet, seems to have gained new powers : he is now able to feel the Solar Prison and he sees it in color, just like he does with hyperspace. After revealing this to Atlan, the mutant teleports to some unknonwn location, presumably within the Prison itself.

Vil At Desch eventually decides to cooperate with the Terrans. He accepts to be the mediator between the Algiots and the peoples of Chearth. He says that Shabazza is the one who gave the Algiots the technology of the disruptive pulse and also the psi-helms that protected the Tazolans against the psychic powers of Mhogena. Mhogena decides to go on Trokan via the Mushroom Dome on Thagarum in order to report to the Terrans and let them know about the situation.

Cedric Beust

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