1957 - Angriffsziel Pilzdom
Target : Mushroom Dome
H.G. Francis

A detailed analysis of the command center of the Solar Prison has revealed that the Algiotic Hikers have tampered with it. Their goal is clearly to disturb the gravitational balance of the Prison. Unfortunately, the Terrans have no influence over the other stations that constitute the ring around the Solar Prison. Also, the Algiotic Hikers can send a disruptive pulse from the other stations at any moment, so the Terrans have to keep the station under close surveillance.

The last attempt at disrupting the field came from a nearby planet called Conthikk. Atlan heads there with a small crew and finds out that the planet is heavily by an Algiotic fleet. The Hikers don't want to take any chance of losing more control stations. The Gilgamesch barely escapes and returns to Thagarum.

The Terrans have begun the attack of the Mushroom Dome. With the help of a Sigan commando, they are finally able to capture the commandant of the base who had found shelter here during the assault of the command center, but he won't reveal any interesting information.

The Terrans eventually find out that Conthikk was just a relay, and that the disruptive pulses are actually emitted from a planet called Kauhriom. Also, the Algiotic Hikers have nominated two new leaders to compensate for the loss of Scoctore, one of them being a Vlatschidian, something that Ganzetta refuses to believe.

Cedric Beust

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