1955 - Kampf um Thagarum
Fight on Thagarum
Peter Terrid

The attack fleet, led by Atlan on the Gilgamesch and Ganzetta on board the Dartana, arrives on Thagarum. An initial diversion has lured away most of the Algiotic ships, so the Terran force is able to strike Thagarum with much success, mostly thanks to the Gilgamesch's superior technology.

The Terrans decide to target the control station of the Solar Prison first, since they don't know that the Algiotic Hikers intend to do with it. On the Gilgamesch, Vincent Garron's status is degrading rapidly. It seems that the proximity of the Solar Prison is not doing any good to his condition. His body is showing scars and he complains about hearing voices he cannot shut down.

After violent fights against the Algiotic robots, Atlan and Mhogena finally set foot inside the control station. It is defended by Tazolans, a people serving the Hikers. Mhogena tries to take them under his mental control but fails. They seem to be immune to his parapsychic abilities. The Terrans have to conquer the station by force.

Out of the eighty Tazolans in the base, only three are captured alive. The Terrans eventually find out that they wear helms using an unknown technology, supposedly from the Algions, that shield them from the Garran's powers. Scoctore, the commandant of the base, has been able to escape and was spotted heading for the North Pole, where the Mushroom Dome is located.

Mhogena decides that he needs now to contact Nisaaru, the super-intelligence, if they want to find answers about the Algiotic Hikers and their intentions in Chearth. He will take Vincent Garron with him, in order to take the mutant away from the Solar Prison, which seems to be the cause of his recent pains.

Cedric Beust

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