1954 - Flugziel Chearth
Destination : Chear
Hubert Haensel

The Chearth galaxy, home of the Gharrians, Mhogena's race, has recently been invaded by the Algiotic Hikers. These creatures conquered the Solar Prison, a group of several hundred suns that are imprisoning the Solar Worms, energetic creatures who feed upon stars. Should the Worms be unleashed, they would wreak havoc in Chearth and other galaxies.

On board the Gilgamesch, Atlan is heading for Chearth. Accompanying Atlan are Mhogena, the Fifth Messenger of Thoregon, Vincent Garron, the Deadly Mutant, also referred to as "hyperceptor" because he can see the hyperspace, and Tuyula Azik, the Blue Psi-Converter who maintains an unexplained connection with the mutant. Because of his recent deeds, Garron is safely kept in a coma.

As they arrive in Chearth, the Gilgamesch unexpectedly falls back into normal space. Garron is suspected to have caused this malfunction. The mutant awakens and Atlan can talk with him. Garron is wondering where his other personality, Quotor, is. Quotor is the being who ordered him to commit all these murders but nobody really knows if he is real or just a hallucination. Despite the protection field, Garron is able to activate his powers and disappears.

The Gilgamesch finds the remnants of a space battle. Algiotic Hikers have been fighting against some Chearth people, mostly Vlatschidians, Heivs and Amanits. They were trying to repossess the Solar Prison by cutting off the Hikers from their main supplies, but they failed. Atlan rescues the survivors and heads for one of their main planets. First greeted with suspicion by the Vlatschidians, the presence of Mhogena among the Terrans soothes the Chearthians and they welcome the Terrans.

Garron eventually surrenders to the Terrans and tries to convince them that he has no evil intentions.

Atlan learns that a Chearth fleet is gathering up on the sixth planet of the Raggan system, Ingars. Followed by the ten Maahk ships that have now caught up with them, the Gilgamesch sets course for this planet and, together with the Chearth people, they prepare to strike back at the Algiotic Hikers on Thagarum, where the Mushroom Cathedral is located.

Cedric Beust

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