1953 - Kampf um Zophengorn
Fight on Zophengorn
Horst Hoffmann

On Alashan, Eismer Stormengord, the Goldian, decides that he needs to go back to Zophengorn and talk with the Vibration Researchers. He needs to let them know about the recent data they were able to retrieve from 1-Korrago. He also suspects that Shabazza has spies on Zophengorn. He asks Benjameen of Jacinta and Tess Qumish, the Paradreamer, to join him. They accept.

On Zophengorn, Uviald Marads is laying out a plot to take over the whole station. He is being helped by Kango, a small telepathic animal living in symbiosis with him.

Gia de Moleon first refuses to let the two mutants go with Stormengord but eventually accepts. The three Terrans leave on board the Glimmer and head for Zophengorn. When they arrive, Stormengord talks with Director #8, who accepts to let him talk inthe main conference room to the other Directors. There, he discloses his information about Shabazza.

Uviald Marads immediately perceives that Stormengord is his enemy and projects to kill him too and pretend he was the actual murderer of the Directors. Using Kango's telepathic abilities, he recruits Prolongids and sends them to kill all the board of Directors and Stormengord. The Goldian escapes thanks to Benjameen and Tess and then proceeds to chase Maralds.

The two men eventually confront and just as Maralds is about to kill Stormengord, his symbiot kills him and starts a new symbiosis with the Vibration Researcher. Stormengord cannot get rid of the animal but Tess paralyzes him and a quick surgery sets them apart again. The Kango will eventually reveal Marald's plan, thus innocenting Stormengord.

Stormengord is now in charge of Zophengorn. He uses his privilege to access the main computer and realizes that Shabazza has been tampering with it since years. All the analyses have been flawed. Stormengord reaches the conclusion that a massive vibration will occur in the Cauldron in the next year, and that it will destroy most of DaGlausch and Salmenghest.

Cedric Beust

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