1952 - Alarm für Alashan
Alarm on Alashan
Uwe Anton

On Thorrim, Eismer Stormengords, the vibration researcher, is receiving alarming readings from his detection devices. He quickly reaches the conclusion that the so called Cauldron, the point of intersection of the two twin galaxies, will soon emit a very powerful vibration that will eradicate their whole civilization. Eismer informs Gia de Moleon about the situation, which seems hopeless. They don't have enough resources to evacuate the 200,000 citizens of Nation Alashan, let alone the several millions of inhabitans of Thorrim.

On Century I, the Terran crew is actively trying to fix the engine of the Sol. The ship has been fitted with a new propulsion device, named Hyperakt, which is based on oscillating between the linear space and hyper space. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they eventually manage to activate the Hyperakt engine and head for Thorrim.

Arrived on Thorrim, Rhodan is received by Gia de Moleon and Stendal Navajo. They are rather hostile toward the immortal but since they need his ship to evacuate the population, they agree to compromise. Rhodan hasn't forgotten that not long ago, they had initially refused to support him in his fight against Shabazza. New information arrive from the ring of Zophengorn, the headquarters of the Vibration Researchers : new computations reveal that the next vibration will be much less violent than anticipated and consequently, Thorrim is no longer threatened.

Bound by their agreement, Gia de Moleon and Stendal Navajo have to let Rhodan make a public announcement in order to recruit crew members for his ship. He needs at least one thousand people. Even though he warns them that they will not return immediately to Earth, 1026 people volunteer to go on board with the Terrans.

Mondra Diamond breaks a incredible news to Rhodan : she is pregnant. The baby is ten weeks old and was conceived during their short encounter on the Glimmer. She asks a Telepath friend of hers to try and read the baby's thoughts. This turns out to be impossible. However, Mondra is in telepathic contact with her baby. It is telling her that she must absolutely go on board the Sol with Rhodan. However, she decides not too. Rhodan is struck with despair when he realizes he won't be able to convince the young woman.

Rhodan wants to meet with the Nonggos. He also intends to enter the Mushroom Cathedral in the Teuller system and cross the Bridge to Infinity, where he hopes the Heliots will accept to talk with him to hear the information he got from 1-Korrago. Hopefully, the energy creatures will give him some new information about Shabazza.

On August 21st, 1290, a broken-hearted Rhodan takes off on board the Sol and heads for the galaxy Gorhoon.

Cedric Beust

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