1951 - Das Reich der Puppen
The Empire of the Puppets
Arndt Ellmer

On Century I, the Terrans are thinking about a way to save the Sol before the atomic fire consuming the planet reaches it. They will use antigravs brought on the surface by the Good Hope III. This should allow the ship to at least leave the atmosphere.

In the Sol, a semi-dead Korrago is found but manages to escape before the Terrans can destroy it. Rhodan knows what these androids are capable of doing and asks Monkey, the Oxtorner, to find it and destroy it. The Korrago soon starts killing humans in the ship. It received the order from Shabazza to kill exactly fifty humans.

More dead bodies are found on board the ship and their corpses have been mutilated. Monkey spotted one of the creatures that did that, they're small androids and they seem to be controlled by the Korrago. In the same time, the Terrans find the deserted hideout of Shabazza and more importantly, learn the existence of a Nano-Column in the ship.

Because of increasingly frequent earthquakes, the Sol collapses a little more each time. The antigravs keep arriving on the Sol and the ambitious plan is beginning to take form. Meanwhile, Monkey has found and destroyed the Korrago, and he quickly tracks the small androids as well. Their connection to the Korrago and the Nano-Column remain unknown, though.

As the underground starts melting, the antigravs are started and the Sol victoriously takes off. It then proceeds to a low orbit.

Cedric Beust

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