Thoregon Six
Robert Feldhoff

On board the Good Hope III, Perry Rhodan is headed toward Shabazza's main world, Century I. Rhodan must reconquer his former flagship, the Sol, in order to fulfill his assignment as the Sixth Messenger of Thoregon. As they approach the planet, the Terrans use a device that makes Shabazza believe that a whole fleet is coming to attack them. Using the confusion, they deploy two of their main weapons : they teleport four arkonid bombs to the surface of the planet and they drop mysterious buoys, whose purpose is still unknown. They identify the Sol on the surface of the planet. Shabazza is assumed to be on its board.

The Good Hope III makes it through the defenses of the planet and a commando drops on the surface, led by Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and her bodyguard, the Oxtorner Monkey. The group is scattered away and Rhodan barely escapes a certain death after a failure of his advanced spacesuit (the gravity of Century I is 3.9G).

On board the Sol, Shabazza observes the Terran offensive. To his complete surprise, the defensive forts of the planets start failing one after the other. Out of the 22,000 bastions, 3,000 are no longer responding. He investigates this anomaly with Solhirn, the new computer of the Sol, which replaces Seneca. Solhirn eventually reaches the conclusion that a very specific computer virus is destroying their network, Solhirn itself avoids barely being inactivated. Shabazza understands that he underestimated Rhodan.

On the surface of the planet, the Terran commando must fight hords of Korrago's, but they eventually make their way to the ship. The atomic fire ignited by the Arkonid bombs is closing in and the resulting earthquakes cause the Sol to start leaning, threatening to kill the Terrans. But the ship comes to a stop.

Shabazza has spotted the atomic fire and understands that Century I is doomed. He decides to take off but the Sol will not comply. Solhirn diagnoses that the virus has found a way inside its main circuits and that the whole ship is now compromised. Before leaving, Shabazza programs one of the last Nano-Columns in his possession to kill Rhodan. Then he leaves on board the Shwoban and heads for Materia, the Cosmic Factory. He has to report to Torr Samaho and Cairol, the Cosmocrat.

The Terran commando has set foot on the Sol but they quickly find out that the ship is unable to operate. Solhirn stops functioning, victim of the virus, and Seneca is resurrected. The positronic computer collaborates with the Terrans to assess the situation. The atomic fire will reach the ship in eight hours but it will take at least ten hours before they can take off.

Rhodan has no intention of abandoning his flagship now that he finally reconquered it.

Cedric Beust

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