195 - Der Sturz des Sterndiktators
The Fall of the Star Dictator
Kurt Mahr

At the end of June 2329, Guri Tetrona begins to give out, in secret, an antidote to the Plophosians who have been held prisoner by Iratio Hondro’s drug and are, therefore, dependent upon him to remain alive. An enzyme has been isolated from the blood of Perry Rhodan. He developed this enzyme thanks to the effects of his cell activator. The new antidote crystallizes the dictator's drug which, in fact, is a virus. Among the people in Tetrona's camp who are supplied this antidote is Isit Huran, the chief of the secret services of Plophos.

The existence of an antidote to Iratio Hondro's drug results in a revolution on Plophos. Hondro is forced to flee aboard a spacecraft.

Mory Abro, the daughter of the neutralist chief, Lord Kositch Abro, arrives on Plophos and is welcomed with joy.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-17

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