194 - Die heimliche Invasion
The Secret Invasion
Kurt Mahr

On 27 March 2329, Perry Rhodan dissolves the United Imperium and the Galactic alliance. He annuls all treaties between the Solar Empire and the other nations.

The same day preparations begin for Operation Shrew - the secret infiltration of the planet Plophos by agents of the Galactic Defense. On April 5 the Springer spaceship Maltzo-XXI approaches the Eugaul System. This smuggler vessel, with sixty-two men and women of the Solar Defense aboard, is attacked by Terran cruisers (as planned) and fakes a crash-landing on Sicos, the sixth planet of the Eugaul System. Before the plophosian vessels arrive, a base is installed under the wreckage. A part of the crew withdraws into this base. Guri Tetrona, who plays the role of the patriarch Maltzo, and eleven other agents stay in the Maltzo-XXI that contains fifty dead Terran soldiers adroitly disguised as Springer cadavers.

Tetrona and his agents win the confidence of the Plophosians and are transported to Plophos. The other agents on Sicos reach Plophos in small vessels. The men and women of Operation Shrew occupy a base established in the past by Arthur Konstantin.

With the explosion of a robot-vessel, they make the Earth aware that preparations for the fall of Iratio Hondro are finished.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-16

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