193 - Panik im Sonnensystem
Panic in the Solar System
Kurt Brand

The eight hundred two Chiefs of State and Administrators of the Terran worlds (colonies) meet on Earth in March 2329 standard time to discuss whether to remain a part of the United Imperium after the supposed death of Perry Rhodan. Several of these worlds want separation. For his part, Homer G. Adams attempts to bring them back into the fold of the empire through economic pressure. The Galactic Defense is on a war footing. The mysterious terrorist organization, Dark Star, goes into action. This organization includes spies within the Galactic Defense. The fifty thousand gigantic transmitters serving as protection for the Solar System have been sabotaged. Several agents of the Galactic Defense, including Henner Dutchman, are to search for clues that will help to dismantle Dark Star.

Dutchman investigates the plophosian delegation whose leader is Froser Metscho. Unmasked as a member (and possibly leader) of Dark Star, Metscho is freed quickly by his colleagues. Pol Underson, administrator of the Ala System who is in favor of separating from the United Imperium, attempts to convert several Terran colonies to his general cause but, in the end, he receives no takers. Dutchman soon learns that a bomb is set to explode under Julian Tifflor's cruiser when it lands at the spaceport in Terrania.

Administrators and Chiefs of State meet in session to determine whether Julian Tifflor should be confirmed as the successor of Perry Rhodan. The bomb having been successfully deactivated, Julian Tifflor’s flagship lands and Perry Rhodan makes his appearance before the amazed Parliament. The session is immediately adjourned and Rhodan will address the parliament as early as the next day.

The number of sabotage attempts in the Solar System increases. Metscho is actively searched for, and the trail brings investigators to the Moon of Mars. Henner Dutchman is killed on Mars while preventing a disaster threatening to completely destroy the city of Hélioport. But, finally, thanks to the spreading influence of the Galactic Defense, the general neighborhood of the Dark Star headquarters can be surrounded. Froser Metscho is killed by Mory Abro by mistake when she fires a weapon she believes is a paralyzer.

The Dark Star no longer presents any danger to the Sol System, but the man who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes, Iratio Hondro, remains active and, therefore, continues to pose a serious threat to Perry Rhodan and the United Imperium.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-15

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