192 - Die Kriegslist des Akonen
The Stratagem of the Akonides
William Voltz

Tentras, the commander of the Blues fleet in the Simba System, informs Ablebur, the commander of Usuth, an Akonide base in the east sector of the Milky Way galaxy, about events on Roost.

Utilizing a convoy as bait, the Akonide attracts the USO fleet of Admiral Nayhar into the Usuth System on 13 February 2329. The vessels of the USO are attacked by an Akonide force that is superior in strength and numbers. Out of the original USO fleet that rescued Rhodan and his companions in the Simba System, only thirty units of one hundred forty are able to escape.

Ablebur learns from a Terran prisoner that Rhodan is on the Lion. Due to damage suffered during Rhodan’s rescue from the planet Roost, the Lion was unable to accompany Admiral Nayhar when his fleet went to the Usuth System. When the Akonides approach, Nome Tschato retires, along with his crew and the survivors from Roost, aboard the lifeboat Lion I towards the third planet of Simban, a methane planet. Before the Akonides can capture the runaways, a fleet of six hundred cruisers of the Terran fleet appears. The cruiser Grey Star has informed the Earth of the distress messages from the Lion III.

On February 20 Julian Tifflor declares war on the Akonides. The Akonide base on Usuth is attacked and is destroyed. Ablebur is killed during the battle.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-13

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