191 - Tschato, der Lwe
Tschato, the Lion
William Voltz

The call for help from the Tramp is received on 12 February 2329 by the battlecruiser Lion. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Nome Tschato, nicknamed the "Lion", his mission is to pursue Akonide traffickers of weapons in the eastside of the Milky Way. The Lion reaches the Simban System where there are still many Blues vessels. Tschato sends the lifeboat Lion III back towards the center of the galaxy in order to bring help. In order to reach the surface of the planet Roost, Nome Tschato, his first officer Dan Picot and Gecko break though the battle lines of the Blues with a space-jet. The Blues know who is on the planet and what is potentially at stake. Tschato takes aboard Rhodan and the other fugitives and, fleeing before the Blues, reaches the Lion. In turn, the Terran cruiser is pursued by the Blues until a fleet of the USO, alerted by the Lion III, emerges in the Simban System and repulses the Blues.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-11

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