189 - Die Expedition der Mausbiber
The Expedition of the Mousebeavers
Clark Darlton

In January 2329 the spacecraft Tramp, with several mousebeavers, thirty Unithers and ten Willys on board, takes part in the search for Rhodan and the other missing persons. The commander of the Tramp and its unusual crew is Admiral Gecko, the oldest mousebeaver after Pucky. In the east sector of the Milky Way they are attacked by oval vessels and must crash land on the planet of a sun without a name. There they meet the “Dreamers”, who live on the twenty-seventh planet of the system. The Dreamers are able to separate their mind from their body with the help of a special machine so that they can wander through space unhindered. The Dreamers are threatened by the insectoid “Hunters” who were the ones who forced the Tramp to crash in the first place. Together with the Dreamers, the mousebeavers, the Unithers and the Willys succed in defeating the insect invaders.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-10

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