187 - Soldaten für Kahalo
Soldiers for Kahalo
Kurt Mahr

After a short time aboard the strange spacecraft, Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Reginald Bell, Melbar Kasom, André Noir and Mory Abro meet dwarfs who are around eighty centimeters in height with a large spherical head and birdlike feet. Nicknamed the "Bigheads" by Rhodan’s group, they call themselves Kahalos. The Bigheads announce to the six fugitives that they have been submitted with success to a test and that they are now being brought to Kahalo, the homeworld of the Bigheads in the Orbon System near the center of the galaxy. Rhodan and his companions must help the Bigheads against the invasion of the Flooths who come from the neighboring planet. The inhabitants of Kahalo have no military capacity. They also no longer appear to control or master the inherited technology of their forebears.

Hordes of insect-like Flooths are repulsed successfully by Rhodan and his companions. To the surprise of the Kahalos, the Large Kahal helps the strangers. The Large Kahal is a sacred facility of the Kahalos. It is composed of six red pyramids, five hundred meter high forming a circle of two kilometers in diameter. At its center there is a fluorescent glow.

After having repulsed the Flooths, Rhodan and his companions take off again in the automatic vessel of the Kahalos in order to return to Earth.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-09

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