1864 - Vorabend der Apokalypse
Eve of the Apocalypse
Horst Hoffmann

A sudden surging of extremely aggressive behavior among the children, during which deaths also happen, occurs in the city of the children in Baaken Bauu. Also in the rest of the city and to an increasing degree on entire Helter Baaken aggression is noticed rising. Seda Galoer, Kaif Chiriatha's former teacher, suspects that the dragon is the starting point for this behavior.

Kaif Chiriatha makes contact with the guild of the dragon-builders, which always consists of 50 members. Despite the refusal by the leader Duum Trelber, an over 1,000 year old Galorn, she can obtain a meeting of the guild with the help of Pega Mrion, and during this is able to get a majority of the members to vote for examining the dragon. As the dragon-builders approach the shaft of the dragons, they are prevented by a barrier of pure aggression from setting foot in it. In the subsequent confusion, the master builders are rescued by robots from the immediate sphere of influence of the radiation. Duum Trelber, however, falls into the shaft.

Kaif Chiriatha has evacuated the children from the city as a result. Because she feels attracted by Pega Mrion and needs a familiar person as a partner in the present situation, the two Galorns spend a night together, during which a child is begotten involuntarily. The following day an orange column of fire leaves the shaft of the dragons. This leads to an explosion-like spread of the aggression-increasing influence. In the entire Pentris cloud, outbreaks of extreme violence occur among the Galorn. At the same time the half-done third Heliotic Bulwark is also affected: Fighting arises in the structure causing chain reactions that finally destroy it.

Also Kaif Chiriatha is changed by the aggression radiation. She dissociates herself from Ce Rhioton and the Coalition of Thoregon and calls for the conquest of Plantagoo, and that the power of the Galorns should spread to more distant galaxies. With this goal, she provides a channeling of the aggression in the population, and the chaotic conditions in the Pentris cloud decrease. She has a deliberation to secure her power brought into action as a government that consists of Galorns selected by her. She presides with them over the council. While she prepares the mobilization of the black warships on Tribath and spends a night shaped by force with Traph Gandalon, one of her replacements of the former building site of the Heliotic Bulwark, twelve of the ships of Pega Mrion and eleven companions are abducted in order to independently give full expression to their aggression-pressure. When Kaif Chiriatha finds out about it, she strikes Traph Gandalon in a fit of rage and almost kills him.

Meanwhile Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull touched down with their landing capsule at North-ONE on Galorn, after they were prevented by the android guardian Szuker from landing in the center. There, they find themselves facing a mob of various slum-inhabitants that are all driven by the aggression-radiation. They erect a defensive screen around the landing capsule, activate the force-fields of their spacesuits, and get on their way to Heart-FIVE, the center of the city of Gaalo. In addition the cell-activator bearers must always control the increasingly stronger aggression that makes it very difficult for them. Because the intensity of the radiation repeatedly fluctuates, there are times when 'pestering' occurs and times when clear thoughts are possible.

When they finally reach Heart-FIVE, they can see a meter-high column of orange fire that sticks out of the dragon's shaft. The size of the flame changes continuously, which is presumably the cause for the intensity-fluctuations of the aggression-radiation. With the help of remote controllable probes, Rhodan and Bull succeed in destroying Szuker when it fires on the probes which simultaneously erect a defensive screen. As the Terrans reach the edge of the dragon-shaft, they are pushed off bodily by the intensity of the aggression-radiation. As a result, Reginald Bull pushes Perry Rhodan in an instinctive action into the shaft.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Cedric Beust 2010-02-02

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