1862 - Aufbruch der Herreach
Departure of the Herreach
Susan Schwartz

On Trokan, after the deaths of Mila and Nadja Vandemar, the Herreach succeed many times in opening the gate to the dream-sphere for a short time. However, it is not possible to stabilize the gate. They can sense the presence of Goedda through the portal, which they perceive as malignant. Meanwhile, nightmares impair the Herreach to an increasing degree. For example: Tarad Sul, an old farmer who is part of the large prayer-round at the mushroom cathedral, fights during his nightmare against the also dreaming Ragin Da, although he believes he is merely fighting a shadow in his dreams. Ragin Da dies as a result of the fight without having suffered truly serious injuries. The Herreach are torn out of their typical equanimity by this event; however, Tarad Sul is now able to actively fight the shadows of his dreams and can end his nightmares. Afterward, he helps many more Herreach in the same way.

During one of the portal openings to the dream-sphere, the admonisher Caljono Yai can observe Goedda increasing suddenly during the first shimmer-phenomenon to the size of the created structure. Simultaneously she can make out Atlan briefly, as he hovers in the surrounding dense fog in Goedda's space. When the Herreach observe that one of the Posbis, who has to secure the corpses of the Vandemar twins, and the Terrans stationed on Trokan are seized by a profound longing to die and commit suicide under the influence of the shimmer, while they themselves are not even influenced, they change. The Herreach perceive that they are bound by their apparently particular abilities in helping the Terrans as well as all concerned Galactic races against the threat from Goedda.

So, the Supreme Herald Presto Go calls together the representatives of the various factions. She explains that the Herreach have to come to terms with the fact that Kummerog is dead, and the people must orient themselves again. A latent influence resulting from the way of life of the Terrans has originated through their own equanimity. Tarad Sul's example has shown, however, that the Herreach are also able to act on their own initiative. Shortly after, Homer G. Adams asks Caljono Yai for 5,000 Herreach to transport to the Earth, because he suspects that the Supreme Herald with a large prayer-round will be able to create a stable opening into the dream-sphere and have better possibilities in the action against Goedda near the Philosopher.

The cell-activator bearer immediately sends the BOX-6624 to Trokan. On July 16, 1289 NGE the fragment-ship starts for Terra. For the Herreach, the flight through space and setting foot on another planet is an unimaginable experience that is received by them with curiosity, however. A first attempt at Kilimanjaro the next day shows that the creation of a stable gate is surprisingly trouble-free near the Philosopher. On July 18, 1289 NGE the Herreach again create a portal, and Adams has in a brief period of time assembled approximately 10,000 combat robots to forge ahead into the dream-sphere.

Atlan, Myles Kantor, and Dao-Lin-H'ay are on a continuous flight from their pursuers in the meantime. Despite their cell activators and their experience, the days-long escape begins to wear them down, when suddenly they able to observe the attack of Terran combat robots on the Tolkanders. In the subsequent chaos, the companions succeed in reaching Terra through the opening created by the Herreach, shortly before the activation of the hyperspace-tap occurs on a glider ship programmed by Kantor. Because of her prayer-trance, Caljono Yai cannot be induced by Atlan to close the gate again in time, so that the annihilation of the dream-sphere kills also a few hundred Herreach. Simultaneously, they are able to observe the construction of Goedda being destroyed and the organic mass of the great mother being shredded. Before the gate closes itself, the admonisher sees Alaska Saedelaere and the 52 Philosophers, as they float on the debris of the dream-sphere through hyperspace.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-28

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