1861 - Bomben für den Brutkosmos
Bombs for the Brood Cosmos
Peter Terrid

On board the GILGAMESH Dr. Julio Mangana, the leader of the medical department, tries to liberate the persons fetched by the Posbis from the sphere of influence of the Philosopher of Terra from their still existing longing to die. In addition, he holds long individual conversations with the patients, in which he first tests his strategies on the archiver Nerghana Bilox, before he applies it to Cistolo Kahn or Paola Daschmagan. He succeeds after some time at least to awaken doubts on whether death for Goedda as the ultimate event really represents the true meaning of life. Before the LFT psychologist Bré Tsinga, who should carry out the actual treatment, arrives on the GILGAMESH, Mangana must see to it that the First Terran, the LFT-Commissioner and the TLD-Chief free NATHAN of its new supplemental-programming, which necessitates a combined order through these three persons with instructions by means of priority-step one.

Meanwhile, Atlan still stands in the dense fog of the dream-sphere under the effects of the history of Goedda. Nevertheless, he is able to find Myles Kantor and Dao-Lin-H'ay a short time later and report to them about his discoveries. More than ever they have now decided to destroy the dream-sphere and Goedda along with it. They penetrate on July 11, 1289 NGE into the drive-section of the glider ship commanded by the Chaeroder Kynhan, and Kantor programs the hyperspace-tap of the ship so that it activates itself on July 18, 1289 NGE at about twelve o'clock. This, according to the opinion of the Terran, ensures that the dream-sphere bursts open and the entire contents of the bubble will be scattered in hyperspace.

In order to be safe from further pursuit, and so escape from the dream-sphere unnoticed in one of the drive-sections that returns to 47 Tucani after the dismantling of the remaining glider ship, the cell-activator bearers try to fake their own death. They started up an auxiliary craft and it made an attack on Goedda's construction of. As expected, the ship is destroyed. But on the assumption that it is a ploy, the great mother has the return flight of the glider ships from the dream-sphere stopped until the fate of the penetrated association is clarified unequivocally. Subsequently, innumerable masses of Physander robots leave the ships and look for Atlan, Myles Kantor, and Dao-Lin-H'ay.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-27

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