1860 - Goedda
Ernst Vlcek

In the Suuvar galaxy, a dispute prevails between the humanoid races of mammals, the Viniden and the non-humanoid insect races, the Inseddern. At issue is Umam-Urra the central black hole with its significant hyper-radiation and the fantastic natural spectacle of the cascading fires. While the Insedders want to see the area around the all-intertwining black hole declared as a prohibited area, the Vinidens want to use it as a pilgrimage and leisure-time place.

To clarify the situation, the Suuvarashis summon to a conference the eldest and most respected people of Suuvar's two power groups. There, the escalation of events occurs, as the representatives of the Viniden kill the representatives of the Insedder. Consequently, the Insedder fleets destroy the entire home-system of the Suuvarashi. This is the beginning of the millennial war in Suuvar.

Innumerable worlds are destroyed or are devastated during the course of the centuries and entire races are wiped out. In order to finish the war, both sides agree to a decisive battle. But during this ongoing space battle that lasts for weeks, entire standing fleets are mutually wiped out; there is not a winner.

Because of the unbelievable use of lives and material, the Insedders begin researching the development of brood-machines under the management of the scientist Irra'Anvete. They should bear larvae to make warriors from them for the Insedder empire. The researchers of the Insedder mix the gene material of the six leading races and create fifty brood-machines, the small mothers. The research goes quite slowly at first and there are also severe relapses. So ends an attempt of the union of the small mothers with the loss of three brood-machines. Goedda as Anvete names one of the small mothers and the others produce only inferior, not viable organisms.

Another attempt with Goedda finally has success: All 47 small mothers, who were then created according to Goedda's model, are united. Goedda becomes the greatest of the mothers. As individuals, they produced organisms that were bigger and stronger than the Insedder that were bred from their original gene material. The Vivocs, as the children of Goedda are named, decide the war. Goedda turns into an intelligent being as a result of the radiation of Umam-Urra. She is now nestled in her brood-cosmos, an area in hyperspace, and bears millions of warriors.

Her children call themselves Physanders, Gazkars, Eloundars, Chaeroders, Neezers, and Alazars. Goedda, who worries about her children and would not like that they be sacrificed unnecassarily in wars, stops the birth process out of protest. Admittedly she bears more Vivocs, but she no longer releases them. Because of these vivoc jams a growth process begins that takes place in six stages and with each stage, Goedda yells out her pains paramentally.

As a result the Insedder and Anvetes grant Goedda the possibility to nurse her children in the brood-cosmos, but this doesn't suffice Goedda. She would like to have intelligent children, therefore the Philosophers are created. At least 47, like the number of the small mothers, but never more than 55. The Philosophers erected in addition a new habitat for Goedda in hyperspace, because the resources would run low someday in hyperspace if Goedda had first produced billions of vivoc.

So, Goedda changes into a new brood-cosmos. She bears Vivocs there again, but holds them back again until the sixth stage. With the sixth stage, or shimmer, Goedda's plaintive cry is released and wipes out all life within 1,000 light-years. This cycle recurs again and again, because those are vivoc that only have a short lifespan. But soon all humanoids are destroyed. Subsequently, Goedda turns also to the worlds of the Insedder in order to use the energies of the living beings for her birth process.

Finally the entire Galaxy is depopulated and outside surveillance recommends that Goedda be classified as a cosmic danger. The Nonggos succeed there in neutralizing Goedda they had gotten task to remove eight cosmic nuisances so that they could be accepted into the Thoregon Coalition. The Nonggos cannot destroy Goedda; however, they imprisoned her in her brood-cosmos with arms from the Baolin-Nda.

Shabazza frees Goedda after many years. He promises her that she can live her cycle again. Furthermore, he makes available for her hedgehog-ships for her Vivocs. To restore her power, and simultaneously as a test run, she is brought to the Tolkander galaxy. Shabazza even frees two other cosmic perils besides Goedda that weren't destroyed by the Nonggos, but were only shut down: Goujirrez, the chaos-maker of Norrowwon and the Guan a Var, the monster of Louipaz. After Tolkander is depopulated, Shabazza points Goedda toward her actual goal: the Milky Way. He provides the great mother with all the information about the people and conditions in this galaxy and warns her especially about the Terrans: that they should be the first to be eliminated. While Goedda sets off for the Milky Way, Shabazza makes ready the liberation of a fourth cosmic danger Jii'Nevever, the dreamer of Puydor.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-26

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