186 - Die Hypno-Kugel
The Hypno-Sphere
Kurt Brand

Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Reginald Bell, Melbar Kasom, André Noir and Mory Abro are aboard a vessel without a crew that brings them to an apparently beautiful planet nicknamed Lovely. There they fall under an hypnotic influence that orders them to go to a precise location. They must face representatives of numerous races that are all controlled by the same hypnotic force. The hypno Noir is able to free his companions from the suggestive influence. They finally discover a sphere from which the impulses are emitted. Noir neutralizes it and they all fall into a deep sleep. When they wake up on 2 December 2328, it becomes obvious that the cellular activators neutralized the drug that Iratio Hondro had injected into Rhodan, Bell and Atlan. A new vessel arrives and takes all six of them aboard. Their new destination is unknown.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-09

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