1859 - Duell in der Traumblase
Duel in the Dream Bubble
Robert Feldhoff

The Philosopher of Terra takes the names Dreur and materializes in the vicinity of Peking. Within 40 days his influence extends across the entire Peking region. In the following period, his destiny becomes clear to him as a Philosopher. Together with the remaining 51 Philosophers, he creates a hyperspace bubble with a diameter of 9,000 kilometers, which should serve as a cradle for the Great Mother Goedda. This succeeds through the utilization of the mental strengths that his supporters produce through their focussing on their circle drawings. For the stabilization of the dream sphere, the Philosophers create an other-side twin in each case. With this other-side-Dreur, that is connected with him by a dimensional channel, Dreur forms a unit. In Goedda's space, other-side-Dreur is blind; however, he perceives his surroundings in a mental way.

Within the dream sphere, other-side-Dreur mirrors through a rather intuitive action Dreur's surroundings, which contributes to a stabilization of the bubble. This makes it so that the inside of the sphere consists of 52 puzzle-pieces that represent the part of the planet on which the respective Philosopher is, in each case. Because it is only possible for the other-side twin to receive an image of his surroundings every three seconds, moving objects and living creatures can only be represented as shadowy objects. In the mirrored area of Terra that shows the Kilimanjaro region, Alaska Saedelaere meets with other-side-Dreur, who resembles other-side-Jack externally.

By means of Kummerog's skin, which usually protects him from the mental perception of other-side-Dreur, Saedelaere can place a trap for the creature in Rhaga, a small village at the edge of Kilimanjaro. With a doll, he is able to lure the twin into a barn and ignite a homemade bomb. Other-side-Dreur is ripped apart by the explosion. With a bicycle, the Terran gets on his way to reach the boundary 1,000 meters up on the hillsides of the massif, so that he can use his spacesuit again.

Meanwhile Dreur notices that his zone becomes unstable in the dream-sphere because of the absence of his twin. He uses all the energies of his supporters surrounding him to sustain at least the consciousness of other-side-Dreur. The twin succeeds also a short time later in taking over Kummerog's skin, while it has departed from Saedelaere for some minutes because of the daily training. As the skin joins with the Terran again, a mental duel takes place that also has physical consequences in the form of a broken right arm. Finally the cell-activator bearer is defeated and his consciousness is forced into a small corner.

To humiliate the Terran, the twin shows him the vision of the Philosopher during the near future. Saedelaere perceives that his own death represents the only possibility to stop other-side-Dreur and thus destabilize Goedda herself. In deep concentration he lowers his heart beat to one, until the first shimmer-phenomenon occurs that also destroys the last resistance in him. Saedelaere now sees himself as other-side-Dreur.

Meanwhile, Atlan still hovers in the dense fog. His logic sector was steamrollered during the shimmer by a flood of information from Goedda that this tries now to arrange. It seems to be the memoirs of the great Mother.

Saedelaere awakened again after the shimmer pnenomenon was past. His heart beats vigorously and regularly. He could do nothing against it because he was now the Philosopher of Kilimanjaro.

Translated from summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-25

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