1858 - Posbis weinen nicht
Posbis Don't Cry
Horst Hoffmann

On July 1, 1289 NGE a reconnaissance of Tolk-17 takes place one of the industrial planets of the Tolkanders in the 47-Tucani sector that circles around the sun EX-2778. This is executed by the Posbis Relebo, Tellner, Modana, Swallop, Gabezo, Illner, and Dorinel who protect themselves with the Haluter Tangle-Shield against the Tangle-Field, while ships of the Terrans and Haluters involve the invaders in a mock battle to distract them from the operation. On Tolk-17, the Posbis are able to determine that the Tolkanders extensively mine parts of the planetary surface. Afterwards, most of the inorganic substances are disintegrated and the remaining materials are pressed into nutrient bars. Shortly before their retreat, Swallop is killed by a Gazkar.

One day later Flame Gorbend, the commander of the LFT fleet at 47-Tucani and one of the four simultaneous successors of the deceased Bruno Drenderbaum, develops the plan to free some important administrators of the LFT like Paola Daschmagan, Cistolo Kahn, Gia de Moleon, and 17 other persons in the Sol System from the circle effect of the Philosopher. She asks the Posbis for help with it, because these are the only beings that are able to get through using the Tangle-Shield for the execution of the mission. After the Posbis have agreed with the plan, despite their mourning over the loss of their kindred on Tolk-17, the BOX-7443 flies into the Sol System where they meet with the GILGAMESH on July 4, 1289 NGE.

The next day, the busy Posbis on Tolk-17 already leave for Terra with Genswer as a substitute for the killed Swallop despite the protests of their Matten-Willys. NATHAN, that has protected the plasma-components through a form of shock-freezing from the influence of the Philosopher, supports the Posbis with their intent, so that most of the targeted individuals are soon found. Only Paola Daschmagan and Gia de Moleon can first escape. Despite the Tangle-Shield the Posbis are impaired by their plasma-components because of the increasing length of the mission. Shortly after another glider ship vanishes over the Kilimanjaro area; it arrives with the first shimmer-phenomenon on July 6, 1289 NGE. While the syntronic components of the Posbis are unable to participate for approximately eleven minutes because of the shimmer, the other living beings on the Earth are suddenly no longer assailed by the scribbling syndrome. Now they are possessed by a longing to die, and they want to offer their lives for Goedda.

The plasma-components of the Posbis are also affected by this new influence, which can only be repulsed conditionally by the Tangle-Shield. Tellner and Genswer can no longer resist this pressure in the end and have to destroy themselves. One day later Relebo and Dorinel are finally able to find the two fleeting targeted persons. The First Terran and the TLD-Chief had been kept hidden by Cerle Obischan, de Moleon's secretary, with two Ellokianers, grey-skinned beings with four eyes. The women are overpowered by Relebo, after also Dorinel has imploded under the pressure of his biological component. Afterwards, the Posbis take off with the rescued Terrans for the GILGAMESH.

Meanwhile, a different group of Posbis has flown under the leadership of Vladda to Trokan to secure the corpses of Mila and Nadja Vandemar. After the shimmer-phenomenon, that leads to even a Posbi destroying himself, Vladda can determine that the Herreach were not affected by the shimmer. On board the GILGAMESH, they had also sensed the phenomenon, but no effects could be determined outside the radius of the Philosopher. An examination of the Vandemar twins determines that the cell-activator chips have vanished from their shoulders.

A short time later the BOX-7443 flies back to 47-Tucani, while Flame Gorbend communicates that 1,000 glider ships have arrived there in the meantime.

Translated from summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-25

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