1857 - Die Maske fällt
The Mask Falls
H.G. Francis

Atlan, Myles Kantor, and Dao-Lin-H'ay hide in the fog bank around Goedda's construction, that has now reached a diameter of 17 kilometers. At the same time the Kartan is suddenly influenced by the mental power of the Kardia again and tries to open her SERUN. This can certainly be prevented by Atlan and Kantor, although the suit still loses the largest part of its oxygen reserve. The Terrans succeed in obtaining oxygen from the manna, with which it replenishes the SERUN again. In addition, problems initially occur with the Pikosyn that indicates always further symptoms of deficiency in the future.

On July 8, 1289 NGE the companions approach Goedda's construction again and are able to intercept a message of the Physanders. They find out that the Azzamus is directly imminent. It is an evolutionary leap that represents the first expansion step of the construction. Simultaneously, all the Physanders in the tube system would die in a sacrificial death. When they are discovered by robots and attacked, the cell-activator bearers flee into the dense fog once again. During their escape, Myles Kantor comes across one of the originally brought antigrav platforms, at a switch station of the construction, that they had lost during their activities within the dream sphere. Since this platform is provided with a powerful gun, they decide to recover the platform. When they reach the platform, the entire station is enveloped in a screen-field erected by the Physanders in order to detain the intruders.

Kantor discovers that the switch-station can control organic processes of the Kardia, which leads to an impairment of the Azzamus. The Physanders realize that it jeopardizes their forthcoming and longed-for fusion with Goedda. Thanks to these circumstances, Camock in particular sees himself able to break through the actual collective hierarchy and assume command in the fight against the intruders. To begin with he has all connections to the Kardia separated from the station, which can be compensated for by Kantor with the direct transfer of the jamming impulse with the help of his SERUN. The Physander then has the impulses shielded by a metal wall. Simultaneously, the annihilation of the station is prepared. The cell-activator bearers are able to break through the barricades with the gun of the antigrav platform, however, and destroy a large part of the opposing robots.

On July 10, 1289 NGE the companions reach the Kardia, during which Dao-Lin-H'ay is again briefly subject to the influence of the mental power. It turns out that it is Goedda herself that is now physically within the Kardia. After the Kartan is uninfluenced again, they penetrate into the Kardia through a manna tube. When the Azzamus happens suddenly, Goedda's white biomass, which is seen flowing through red veins, rises through the tubes of the construction. At the same time she dissolves the walls of the tubes and changes the substance into more biomass. This way she pushes forth into the entire construction until she has finally reached the same size.

The Arkonide, the Terran, and the Kartan can achieve nothing against the biomass with the gun. A strong mental impulse causes the companions to briefly lose consciousness. When Atlan re-awakens, he finds out that he is separated from the other cell-activator bearers and that all the menory in his Pikosyn was completely erased.

Translated from summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-25

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