1855 - Vorstoß in die Traumblase
Expedition into the Dream Bubble
Arndt Ellmer

Within the dream sphere, Atlan, Myles Kantor, and Dao-Lin-H'ay arrive at a large tube system approximately ten kilometers in diameter. The center of this complex structure - 800 meters across - maintains a heart that is basically similar to a human's like Kantor's and is named Kardia. Innumerable hoses lead to the Kardia that are similar to blood-vessels. These contain manna, a concentration of nutrients with a high share of vitamins, minerals, and roughage. The Arkonide, the Terran, and the Kartan separate so they can examine the structure. ,P. With an antigrav platform and three Modula robots Atlan goes to the tube system's edge that is surrounded by a silvery, spherical fog layer four kilometers thick. At the edge of the fog, he discovers a glider ship that is dismantled by innumerable robots of the Physanders except for the drive section. The individual parts are transported afterwards through the fog to the tube system, where they are inserted into the structure to complete the construction. The manna in its mushy state is transported by a transmitter-like effect into the object. Atlan tries to hinder the construction works by means of sabotage, but determines that the robots remove the resulted damage without considerable loss of time again.

Meanwhile, Myles Kantor discovers ellipsoid bodies 20 to 50 meters in size that represent the junctions of the tube system. The Terran is able to determine that they are switch stations that are not active, however. His presence in the station, however, leads to Physander Ockonea discovering that invaders are in "Goedda's construction." The Chaeroder Ympalor consequently gives the command to intercept the trio and bring them to him. With the help of the Modula robots, Kantor can elude his pursuers for some time, until these destroy his machines and can surround the cell-activator bearer.

Meanwhile Dao-Lin-H'ay arrives at the Kardia. Before the Kartan can penetrate into it, however, a mental voice tries to prevent her from it. As she tries to approach the Kardia anyway, her mind becomes completely confused. Despite that, she instinctively follows a cry for help from Kantor, yet gets themselves in danger because of her condition. Atlan, who comes back immediately from his reconnaissance, can finally free the two cell-activator bearers from their predicament and leads them into the patch of fog where they can certainly elude their pursuers for the time being.

Translated from summary in German that was found at Perrypedia.com

Denis Menard 2010-01-24

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