1854 - Ein Bote Thoregons
An Envoy of Thoregon
Hubert Haensel

Rhodan is questioned by Kaif Chiriatha because he, Bull, and some Zentrifaal penetrated into the Pentris cloud and landed on Tribath. When the robot removes Rhodan's Galorn spacesuit Chiriatha is surprised that he wears a Passantum. He is transported in a glider by Kaif Chiriatha to a holding area in another building to be questioned further in Baaken Bauu the azure city, which is on the Galorn world Helter Baaken.

He asks where his companions are and finds out that they were brought here as well. Rhodan says that he is looking for Ce Rhioton the second Envoy of Thoregon. After entering the building, he his brought to a stark looking hall that is subsequently sealed off by a deflector field. He then finds himself in a hologram that brings him to various parts of Helter Baaken. Thoughts enter his mind saying, “We Galorns live and die for peace in Plantagoo.“ Bull breaks Perry out of his hologram spell and says he is suspicious of the Galorns.

Meanwhile KEMPEST awakens on Tribath and knows that something has happened today that will fundamentally change its existence.

Foremon is also on Helter Baaken standing in a nutritional solution and thinking about returning to Tasch-Term to continue chasing the two criminals Rhodan and Bull. He is also being detained for stealing the PEGOOM. While standing there, he thinks about the strangers that came through the mushroom cathedral. He concludes without a doubt that they must be murders because one is wearing a Passantum, and no Envoy of Thoregon would voluntarily hand over his Passantum.

After a period of time two Galorns visit the Adlat (Foremon) and ask him to finally tell the truth. He stays silent at first, but after some time he says he will only talk to Ce Rhioton. They leave him alone for a while. Some while later Foremon shouts that he will also talk to Kaif Chiriatha.

Kaif Chiriatha comes by and asks Foremon why he is so silent. She says that there should be no secrets since she is Ce Rhioton's designated successor. Foremon finally gives in and starts to talk. He gives her every detail and wants the murderers brought to justice before they go and kill Ce Rhioton. When she has finally had enough of Foremon, she ends the interrogation and leaves.

Meanwhile on Tribath KEMPEST is thinking of fighting and killing. It remembers Perry Rhodan’s visit to the ship and that he had the same aura that former great commanders had. It wants to call back Rhodan to the ship, but must act quickly before it is too late.

Perry is happy to see Bully and the Zentrifaal again. Perry believes that the Galorns are really peaceful, but mentions that they were not always that way. Bell wants to break out of the holding area, but Perry does not want to leave the Zentrifaal behind. Perry is upset at the Galorns because of the way they treat the Zentrifaal with the Shifting. Perry reveals to Bully that the Zentrifaal are actually genetically engineered offspring of a Galorn by the name of Zentri who lived thousands of years ago. He also reveals that an extremely aggressive race of Galorns built the KEMPEST. He found this out when he happened to discover the quarters of the commander in which there was a museum of Galorn history.

Bully and some Zentrifaal are able to expose some circuits in the wall in order to get out of their enclosure. Kaif Chiriatha enters the room and does not seem to notice the revealed circuits. She starts interrogating Rhodan about the Passantum and finds out that Foremon is also on Helter Baaken. From what Kaif Chiriatha says, they now realize why Foremon was chasing them.

Meanwhile on Tribath the ship activates a large, fearsome robot and sends it through the transmitter to fetch Perry Rhodan. P Foremon is literally becoming rigid in the mineral bath from self-pity. Kaif Chiriatha comes by and takes him out of the bath. She brings him to Ce Rhioton’s house where he encounters holographic hallucinations that torture him. Kaif Chiriatha says that the house tortured him because he thought of killing people. She says that Ce Rhioton has been absent for a long time and no one knows where he is. Foremon is brought to a room where he morphs a basalt rock and finds a Passantum in it. A hologram appears with Ce Rhioton in it telling Foremon to put it on and go to the Bridge to Infinity on Galorn. He is to convey the news of his designated successor.

The robot colossus appears and practices for its upcoming skirmish.

Bully and the Zentrifaal are able to get through the barriers and escape their cell, not realizing that they were allowed to escape. The robot creates havoc in the city center and while still at Ce Rhioton’s house Kaif Chiriatha finds out it is a robot from Tribath. While fleeing toward the spaceport Perry and Bull encounter a force field that captures them. The robot has captured them and Rhodan agrees to go with it. Bully and the Zentrifaal escape to some distance away. Rhodan convinces the robot to obey his commands. Needing to break through the shields, Rhodan makes the robot to give him a weapon. After breaking through the shields Rhodan turns against the robot and destroys it.

Kaif Chiriatha arrives with an army of robots with Foremon. Perry is confronted by Foremon, but the two Passantums contact each other and show Foremon that Rhodan is telling the truth and is not a murderer. Kaif Chiriatha and Perry Rhodan say goodbye and the head In the PEGOOM for Galorn. While on the ship Foremon suddenly attacks Rhodan but he avoids him, and then Foremon collapses to the floor unconscious.

Cedric Beust 2008-12-21

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