1851 - In die Traumsphäre
Into the Dream Sphere
Susan Schwartz

It is June 26 1289 NGE and the first shimmer is due in July that was foretold by the Philosopher. From the dream of death they know that there are only six shimmers. If a sixth shimmer occurs there will be no life afterwards within a sphere of several thousand light-years – including the Sol System. The immortals and the Herreach know that the Philosopher in the Sol System is on two planes of existence, which means they have to open a ‘window’ into the other plane.

The Vandemar twins go to Trokan to find a way to destroy the Philosophers. Myles Kantor and Dao-Lin-H’ay are already there. All are amazed at how much reconstruction Presto Go and her fellow kindred have achieved.

Many thousands of Herreach are at a prayer round trying to increase the size of the structure-rip by using Schimbaa, but they are not able to increase it before it collapses. The Herreach can sense the threat from the other dimension but do not know what it represents. They finally discover that the other plane of existence occupies the same space as Trokan, but in another dimension. The prayers have continued for days and they are finally able to get Schimba to its full strength. They are again able to open the boundary to the next plane.

The Herreach are able to open the boundary wider. Suddenly a whirling appears out of the blackness which turns into squirming worms and snakes. These wind around some of the Herreach and vaporize them when they make contact. The worms retreat into the blackness and the window closes because the Herreach are exhausted. While the window was open they sensed that a gigantic hollow sphere was there.

Caljono Yai goes to Presto Go and says that they should get help and she agrees. The Terran camp is empty because all of them were suffering from the scribbling mania and were taken away. Caljono Yai goes to the empty Terran camp anyway and makes contact with Atlan who agrees to come right away.

The five activator wearers are now on Trokan and agree that they must get to the other plane, but the window has to be made steady. The twins say they will help the Herreach keep the window steady while Atlan, Myles, and Dao-Lin go into the other dimension. Atlan contacts Homer G. Adams and tells him that they are going into the dream sphere (other dimension). Homer thinks they are mad, but Atlan convinces him and Homer wishes them luck. Homer must keep the GILGAMESH in its position outside the influence of the Philosopher.

Presto Go and Caljono Yai agree to let the twins help them to make the window larger and keep it steady. Mila and Nadja say they will stay here, but will try to explore the other side with their senses. After a while the prayers start and a small rift is formed which becomes a circular opening about fifteen meters across. The three activator wearers are ready to enter, but the twins want to look around a little first. Atlan disagrees because he knows that they have been overtaxing themselves lately and are not at their full strength. Atlan finally gives in, but still thinks that the twins should concentrate on the opening so that it does not close on them.

The mutants go through and find a tangle of tubes and hollows going in all directions. It is something only a madman could make. They try to ‘pick up’ impulses of organisms, but cannot find any. Everything is good they say.

The three activator wearers enter the opening. With the help of their structure seeing the twins are able to help the three immortals navigate the winding tubes. Myles doesn’t want the twins to go farther, but they don’t listen. Soon the sisters become tired but continue on. They enter a tunnel that suddenly widens and see some installations. They try to make contact with Atlan, however, contact is broken. Something awakens and overcomes them.

Myles is worried because he cannot contact the twins. Dao-Lin senses that something is there. The sisters are finally able to escape the mental strength holding them and flee toward the outside. The mental strength could not be outwitted, however, and catch them before they reach the gate. The mental power reveals that it is Goedda the mistress of all plagues and tells them what it did to the Tolkander galaxy. Goedda becomes careless, however, and loosens her grip enabling the sisters to escape to the other side. Once on the other side they discover they are dying and embrace each other.

Caljono Yai senses what has happened and informs Presto Go. The window collapses because the twins are no longer alive. Caljono Yai finds the sisters on the ground embracing each other, and then they crystalize into glittering crystals. Soon after, two lights separate and form what look like spiral galaxies that quickly fly away toward space.

On The MERLIN Homer wonders why he hasn’t had any messages from the group of immortals when suddenly he is informed that two gigantic rotating spirals are going by. He finally gets a message from Caljono Yai who says that Naja and Mila are dead. This happens on 30 June 1289 NGE. The three immortals are now stuck in the dream sphere.

Michael Mahoney 2008-12-22

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