185 - Flammen über Badun
Flames Over Badun
Kurt Brand

On 16 November 2328, the Neutralists bring Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Reginald Bell, Melbar Kasom and André Noir to their main base on Badun, a moon of the gigantic planet Bell in the Thoma System. Lord Kositch Abro, the mad chief of the Neutralists - he strives like Iratio Hondro for power in the galaxy - wants to obtain military spacecraft in exchange for the lives of his prisoners.

During negotiations on Badun, Al Jiggers, Iratio Hondro's agent, learns the coordinates of Badun. He has for a long time had links with the Neutralists through the Outcast Springer Pand-Ar. It is Pand-Ar who finally relays the exact location of Badun to Al Jiggers. The attack of the Plophosian Fleet on the moon permits Rhodan and his companions to escape from the Neutralists. Melbar Kasom kidnaps Mory Abro, the daughter of Lord Abro. She is impressed by Rhodan. When the runaways are about to fall into the hands of the Plophosians, they are suddenly removed by an unknown power.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-08

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