184 - Gucky und die Blaue Garde
Pucky and the Blue Guard
Clark Darlton

Facing signs of the downfall of the United Imperium and the desires of the Terran colonies for independence, the Earth, on the advice of the bio-positronic brain Nathan, withdraws its fleet from all its outlying bases and concentrates its power in the Solar System proper.

Thanks to Arthur Konstantin, the responsible people of the Imperium now know that Rhodan and his companions are still living. On 16 November 2328, Pucky calls the Immortal of Wanderer for help, but IT is not ready to participate in the search for Rhodan or the other missing persons. Harno also refuses to help, affirming that it is forbidden him.

The robot Homunk and the mutants land on Plophos, disguised as a commercial delegation. The mutants are recognized and are captured by the Blue Guard, the plophosian secret service. The Blue Guard is helped by the Antis. Pucky succeeds in freeing himself. The Terrans learn from an officer of the Blue Guard that Perry Rhodan and the other prisoners are on Greendoor. When the Thora (the new Terran flagship) reaches Greendoor, it is quickly determined that Rhodan and his companions have been freed by the Neutralists and brought to a spacecraft.

Allan D. Mercant promises Hondro’s cell activator to anyone who would provide information on Rhodan’s whereabouts.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-08

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