1829 - Unternehmen Humanidrom
Mission Humanidrom
H.G. Francis

The AVALON, under the command of the Unither Kelassan, is flying with thirty other ships, to the star cluster 47 Tucani where the fleet of Tolkanders which now has grown to two hundred thousand units is stationed. The AVALON is a three autonomous part MERZ cruiser in spherical form, built by the LFT on behalf of the Raglund Forum. Originally intended as the flagship of the Forum, the ship has served as so-called “ Mission ship of the planetary administration of Raglund” following an appeal from the LFT. A commando raid led by Kelassan succeeds in capturing a Hedgehog ship with an Alazar on board.

Since the invasion by the Tolkanders a few weeks ago, there are one hundred and one worlds, all oxygen worlds, mainly in an eight thousand light year radius around the Sol system, in the strangers’ hands. When one hundred fifty thousand ships of the invasion fleet split into one hundred fifty associations in the Milky Way, Atlan renews his call for the cooperation of the Galactic power blocs. While the Crystal Empire shows no interest in cooperating, the LFT and the Raglund Forum agree to meet. The conference is called for on Raglund on February 16, 1289 NGE, to begin two days later on the eighteenth.

At the beginning of the conference the Topsider Xconic demands that the LFT financially bear the brunt of the measures to be adopted at this meeting, as it was most threatened by the invasion with eighty percent of the currently conquered worlds. This is agreed to without any conditions by the First Terran Paola Daschmagan, which contributes to a very constructive atmosphere at the conference. As the Cheborparner Parneberochacz Denayrech, also known as Chief Denay, the chief of the security service ORRA, takes the lectern, he frees the arrested Terran agent of the Terran League Service, Selma Miller, captured the day before, as a sign of good will. In addition, he gives the LFT the Alazar captured by the AVALON so that they can interrogate him.

As the Alazar is examined aboard the GILGAMESH, it turns out that he is close to death, which tells the lie of the gesture at the conference. The Tolkander is consciously inhibiting the function of his excretory organs, which leads to a slow self-poisoning of his body. This can be slowed by the physician but not completely prevented, because not enough is known about the metabolism of the stranger. As Atlan interrogates Vasuur, as they nickname the prisoner, he is able to learn after a while that the Eloundars who act as guardians of the Vivoc do not represent the actual rulers of the Tolkanders. Before his death, he reveals, that the Humanidrom was conquered, because it distinguished by its radiation, making it the ideal place for storing Vivoc.

Using this information, the conference decides to send several commands to the Humanidrom, in order to retrieve Vivoc larvae, capture Tolkanders and then destroy the station. Atlan takes command of “Mission Humanidrom”. He oversees a fleet of three thousand ships of the LFT, two thousand ships of the Raglund Forum and fifty Camelot units. On the issue of the Tangle scans, the Arkonide declares that Camelot has developed a drug on Camelot to counteract the effect by diminishing the intelligence of the person being treated to the point that they will no longer be affected by the radiation and still sufficiently capable of action. In particular, the experience on Lafayette has shown that humans with a mental disability are little affected by the Tangle radiation. What Atlan conceals is that Arfe Loidan is working on such an IQ dimmer, but has not yet completed work on it.

On February 20, 1289 NGE Tolkanders have already captured three hundred worlds. The same day, five hundred units of the Galactic fleet meet at Point Survive under the leadership of the RICO, five hundred light years from the Humanidrom. Probes and sensors show that in the Scarfaaru system are around five hundred Hedgehogs vessels and twelve ellipse ships of the Eloundars.

As the Galactics start Mission Humanidrom on February twenty-first, although they manage to shoot up a large number of Tolkander ships, each time the invaders destruct their wrecks or are put under Tangle-rays so that the capture of Tolkanders fails. Likewise the Humanidrom is unattainable due to the radiation, as the drug promised by Atlan is not yet available.

After the ships of the combined fleet withdraw to Point Survive, the RICO receives a radio message that Ronald Tekener has returned from Hangay and is bringing Atlan good news from Camelot.

Jerry Schneiderman 2013-03-20

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