1827 - Flucht durch Bröhnder
Flight Through Broehnder
Peter Griese and Robert Feldhoff

Dorota Bochniarz, which is the full name of the Vegaonian component of the on board computer of the CANT, now remembers her whole past: The Ysperay, who were also called the Nomads of Broehnder, lived thousands of years ago exclusively in its spaceships, which had no weapons. They were considered to be the best technical designers of computers of all kinds. One day they were attacked by a mysterious enemy. They are still unknown to Dorota, but describes them as ”beings with seven hands“, dipped in blood. In order to prevent the final fall of the Ysperay, Zujandron made it possible for a thousand Nomads to survive as Vegaonian components in different computer systems. On a distant day these components were to unite again. This day had now come. But since the CANT with Dorota is stuck on Maotock and the former defense minister represents one of the sixteen indispensable components bearing the mental power for the combination, the final fall of the Ysperay is threatening. On a suggestion from Alaska Saedelaere the world of the scrap heaps of Broehnder becomes the meeting place for the combination of the components, which is called the Sahmhorst. During her reports Dorota creates a projection of her original body, which reminds the cell activator carrier of Kytoma.

When the ultimatum of the Maoten runs out, the CANT is immediately taken under fire. Briefly before the protection screen of the wedge-shaped ship breaks down, the Vegaonian components appear with nine hundred ninety-seven spaceships of the most diverse constructions. One of these ships, a hundred meter wide and ten meter thick disk of black color, the Terran identifies as the object, which was observed by a cruiser of the BASIS in the Endreddes district more than seventy years ago over MINE-3 and regarded at that time as a hallucination. Thus Saedelaere’s secret fears to not be in his native universe disappear. The arriving ships entangle the Maotes in battles, so that the CANT is no longer directly threatened. The component Mellenbrock separates from its computer in an explosion and appears again as a green radiating object. Shortly thereafter the remaining former Nomads also let their ships crash on Maotock, in order to thereby be freed from their computing systems. The Ysperay produce a great mental pressure, which causes high-grade confusion with all the organisms on the planet.

Dorota also leaves on-board computer of the CANT. With this fact Saedelaere learns that the computer Fasoldog had activated a protection circuit with the penetration of the Vegaonian component, which will lead to the self-destruction of the ship. This circuit was blocked by Dorota all these the years, but now runs. Despite the mental pressure and the fact that the long range jumper is no longer ready for use, the Terran and six Raubyners succeed in leaving the CANT in time before the ship is destroyed. They arrive at the THOREGON FOUR, which had repaired itself sufficiently by the robot Buck that it can leave the planet under its own power. Varquasch, however, must be fastened to the outer hull of the ship because there is no entrance large enough for him to get through. The computer Unit Four launches the THOREGON FOUR, and the group is able to flee from Maotock and jump to hyperspace. It is pursued however by the Maotes, who do not wish to give up their ”property“.

Buck, which considers Varquasch as a foreign body on the surface of the ship, tries to remove the Raubyner, which causes Saedelaere to interrupt the hyperlight flight in order to try to save him. The Terran sends Varquasch’s five children, in order to divert the robot, which stands outside the control of Unit Four, from its activity. At the same time the pursuing units from the scrap planet attack, whereby Kjaiup, Filibin and Orgelloc die. Since Buck is not to be stopped and in order to protect Saedelaere, who he owes his freedom to, Varquasch releases his bonds and dies in the ship’s energy screen. After the two Raubyner survivors, Lanagh and Scheep, reenter the THOREGON FOUR, the ship flees again into hyperspace. After a week the scrap collecting ships finally give up the pursuit of the ship.

Meanwhile, on Maotock, the mandatory components under the guidance of Zujandron meet in the black disk and receive their original bodies back. Only Molladaga has not appeared yet on Maotock. Since no connection to her exists, they assume that this component was lost, which prevents the stabilization necessary for the formation of the collective. Dorota gets in mental touch with Kummerog’s skin, which as a being capable of subordination is very suitable as a replacement for Molladaga. However the skin refuses, since it regards Saedelaere potentially immortal his cell activator. As a final way out of the predicament, Zujandro, whose element of command forms the counterpart to Molladaga, sacrifices himself in order to re-establish the symmetry of the circle. With the expiring of Zujandro the guidance falls upon Dorota. Since more and more of the weaker components are dissolving, Dorota provokes the Vegaonian leap by the release of the energy of the Sahmhorst. From the explosion of the disk arising from it, a swarm of nine hundred fifty-six shining objects appear, which leave Maotock and disappear after reaching the speed of light.

On February 5, 1289 NGE Kummerog’s skin communicates to Saedelaere that it felt, how Kummerog just died somewhere far away. He is now stuck with the skin and the two vicious

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-03-20

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