1824 - Zentrum der Zentrifaal
Center Of The Zentrifaal
Hubert Haensel

On 30 December 1388 NGE on Zentrifaal-Center, the fifth planet of the giant blue star Zentriff, Caliform is welcomed with enthusiasm by twenty one thousand of his devout followers. A-Betschaga, the government's chief, failed to destroy Califormís organization, the Gedeonta, during the many years of the famous rebelís absence. Califormís rebel group is named after the famous war chief A-Gedeonta who led the Zentrifaals in battle for the last time one thousand years ago - a battle that provoked the pacification of the entire galaxy by the Galornen. Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell feel that the peace is not maintained by conviction but by fear of the Galornen. The battle fleet of the Zentrifaal Empire, which is composed of twenty planets, stands at around 2200 spacecraft. These are the most powerful vessels in the Plantagoo Galaxy after those of the Galornen. Whereas they avoid real violence, the Zentrifaals live in virtual realities which are carefully composed to reproduce cruel and bloody situations.

The glider with which the two Terrans fly from the space harbor to the capital city of Cursor is attacked by a guided missile fired by an unknown assailant but Rhodanís exceptional flying abilities result in the assassination attempt failing. Caliform is convinced that after one thousand years the Galornen do not exist anymore as a threat. However, he hesitates to start a revolt, since he is again without his own clan. The Zentrifaal clans that form themselves voluntarily are always composed of ten men and six women. The tax collector T-Legiaw, a man who works as a spy in the government for Caliform, learns that a traitor will attempt to kill Caliform. Seriously wounded, he arrives too late to warn Caliform but Rhodan and Bell prevent the assassination attempt at the last moment. Caliform takes them to his new hiding place, the Logos Simulation Center, and gives them some precious Zentrifaal battle suits (similar to the Arkonide battle suits). Eruptions of violence occur everywhere. When A-Caliform forms his new clan on January 19, the two Terrans decide to speak to A-Betschaga and warn him of the imminent revolt in order to prevent a bloodbath. On the road to the government's seat they are attacked and are stunned by men in uniform.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-25

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