1823 - Regenten der Träume
Regents Of The Dreams
Robert Feldhoff

Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell leave the planet Galorn on the CHIZ which belongs to an otter-like race (whose lower body looks like a blue snake) called the Paradeans. Like all others spaceships of Plantagoo, it moves by means of a transition drive. The term “Seller of Souls” that A-Ostamul applied to the CHIZ comes from the fact that in payment for the transportation, the Paradeans participate in the violent dreams of their passengers. Contrary to the inhabitants of Plantagoo, Rhodan and Bell escape this influence of the Paradeans. With the Zentrifaals, the Krooghs and the Mocksgergers, who are named the Vagabonds of Plantagoo because they don't possess a planet, all important races from the north side of the Plantagoo Galaxy are represented. The two activator bearers decide to remain on board until the planet Zentrifaal-Center in the Zentriff System. Because of their innate aggressiveness, the Zentrifaals endure with great difficulty the permanent peace imposed by the Galornen on the Plantagoo Galaxy. Any race which breaks this imposed peace are threatened by the Galornen with a somewhat vague pacification process, the “Shifting”, which apparently can be quite unpleasant.

A strong tension reigns from the very start of the voyage between the Zentrifal clan of A-Gidecaj and the fifteen Zentrifaals who have boarded the CHIZ with A-Kestah. The female companion of A-Gidecaj is murdered by a Zentrifaal. Shortly after a member of the clan of A-Kestah is the victim of an attack. The Mocksgerger Pitcher, who is an involuntary witness, is also killed. The Paradeans are helpless in the face of such incomprehensible acts by inhabitants of Plantagoo. Thus, the Paradean crew member named Denim brings Rhodan and Bell to Loom, the commander of the CHIZ, who is in close physical contact with innumerable other Paradeans in the egg-domicile headquarters of the ship. Loom informs Rhodan and Bell that the Paradeans have a strong communal sense. They live on the planet Pittor in the galactic southside in big families which can grow to include one thousand individuals. They intoxicate themselves mutually from their dreams. Their number yet decreases, because of genetic manipulations carried out by their forebears over many millennia in order to limit their aggressive tendencies. Passenger spacecraft like the CHIZ serve to divert other creatures so that the Paradeans can participate in their dreams.

The attempt of the two Terrans to establish negotiations between A-Gidecaj and A-Kestah fails. When they learn that a commando team of A-Gidecaj’s clan is on the way to kill the whole clan of A-Kestah, Rhodan and Bell immediately intervene. Rhodan can prevent the last survivor of the group of A-Gidecaj from destroying the CHIZ. Dying, the Zentrifaal affirms that the return of the Zentrifal opposition leader, Caliform, who has been in stasis on the ship, will cause a war on Zentrifaal-Center. The attempts by A-Gidecaj’s clan to kill Caliform over the past several weeks clearly demonstrates that the return of Caliform to Zentrifaal-Center is already known. A-Kestah wakes up the exiled politician from his hibernation chamber. Caliform proposes a deal with the two Terrans in which he will provide a spaceship to Rhodan and Bell if they continue to help him and his cause. On 29 December 1288 NGE, the CHIZ reaches the Zentriff System.

At the same moment, Foremon, who is in pursuit of Rhodan and Bell, has only three hours to live because he cannot accumulate energy anymore in his space capsule which he has named the PEGOOM.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-23

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