1821 - Invasion der Igelschiffe
Invasion of the Hedgehog Ships
Peter Terrid

Throughout the Milky Way the Tolkanders attack the worlds of the galactic races. So, falls to the invaders the Arkonide world Azgola, the planet Euhja in the system of Euthets star, the mine world Kataora, and the Unither world Matjuula. For propaganda purposes, the Raglund Forum sends 100 ships of the Blues to Matjuula. However, these can expel the hedgehog ships just as little as the extensive LFT fleet of 1,000 units.

Meanwhile, on the mine world of Kataora Daniela M'Puno, Kim Chun Kee, and the other miners struggle below the surface mining coal. There is a cave-in and they have to work their way to the surface. While doing this they find out about the new happenings in the galaxy. They finally reach the surface when Kataora is attacked by the Tolkanders, but they are able to escape through the mine's material transmitter.

The only success for the Galactics can be achieved in the Vega System: As a fleet of 4,000 Tolkander ships attacks, the LFT, with 5,000 ships under the command of Cistolo Kahn together with the RICO, is able to repel the invaders with the help of the 5-D-Indifference-Compensators.

Meanwhile, with the materials obtained from Centoar Vilgor, the Ara Hasdyn Flech creates a highly toxic variation of the grain introduced by the Terrans on Trokan. During the bloom that is shortly imminent because of growth-accelerators the plants will secret a nerve-gas that would cause the Herreach to have mental bewilderment, schizophrenia, and after an inhaled dose would lead to death.

The Ara informs Jeromy Argent, Myles Kantor, and Atlan in time, however, so that the catastrophe does not happen. The Herreach expel the Raglund Forum delegation from Trokan.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-27

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