1820 - Intrige auf Trokan
Intrigue on Trokan
Peter Terrid

The Raglund Forum gets permission from the LFT to send a delegation to Trokan. At the same time it is the goal of the Forum to stir up mistrust between the Herreach and the Terrans, to use Trokan as a base in the Sol System for the Raglund Forum, and simultaneously to gain control of the mushroom cathedral. Under Gataser Tayloz Üpkek's leadership, the AZTAKT flies into the Sol System with the Akon Centoar Vilgor and the Ara Hasdyn Flech on board, where they meet with Jeromy Argent, the leader of the rescue operations on Trokan, which is still being shaken by tectonic activity. The delegation meets the Cleros and the Free Breathers. These groups of the Herreach prove to be unsuitable as well for reaching the desired goal, like the new group of the "New Realists." These have admittedly accepted the new realities and have shown a certain technical orientation; however, they collaborate very closely with the LFT. Vilgor, therefore, comes back by transmitter to the Humanidrom to obtain materials that enable the cultivation of a plant that resembles the grain brought by the Terrans to Trokan, but is extremely toxic.

Meanwhile the RICO meets with the GILGAMESH and 50 ships of the LFT under the leadership of Cistolo Kahn with his PAPERMOON in the Tucani Sector. There they observe that an extensive hedgehog ship fleet of 100,000 units protects the 500 cylindrical ships of the Eloundars. Still more of the invader's ships arrive there, referred to as the Tolkanders. On the basis of the course-vectors of the newcomers, the supposition emerges that the fleet comes from the direction of the constellation Reticulum. On the edge of the sector, Atlan, Cistolo Kahn, and Myles Kantor meet at the planet Sandage for a briefing. The Arkonide informs them about the events on the swamp-world Lafayette. By means of the radiation named in the meantime as the resonance-body-constant or abbreviated Resoko, the Neezers and Gazkars could scan living beings for their usefulness as an "association." Seemingly, Terrans and their descendants have an especially suitable Resoko with them, so it could be assumed that these 700 living beings will be living on worlds that are the primary goal of the hedgehog ships. The inhabitants presumably would then serve the vivoc as physical- and mentally-psychic food.

Myles Kantor and his team have found out why the Tolkander ships are hit only with difficulty by the weaponry of the Galactics. The ships use the so-called 5-D-Shredder that makes sure the engines execute unpredictable stutter movements in all three directions and yet scrambles and chops off hyperspace in the vicinity of two hundred fifty kilometers around the respective ship. This makes exact tracking no longer possible. Thus, as a counter-measure they developed the 5-D-Indifference-Compensator that calculates, with the help of a high-performance syntronic, the algorithm of the 5-D-Shredder's coincidence-generator in order to determine the trajectory of the opposing ship.

A field-test shows, however, that the compensator requires a long time at the moment to counteract the shredder. Simultaneously, the Galactics get to know a new weapon of the Gazkars: With a russet energy-bundle, which is called a rusting process, the targeted object is enveloped and burned by a type of chain reaction. Even paratron-shields cannot withstand the fire from this weapon, if several hedgehog ships concentrate on it. While on Camelot further productions of the compensator take place, the modules of the GILGAMESH and 20 ships of the LFT will be equipped with the device. Simultaneously, a group of six fleets, each with about 2,000 hedgehog ships, fly in the direction of the Westside of the Milky Way.

One of these fleets has set a course for the Scarfaaru System where the Humanidrom is. A great panic breaks out, especially since no large galactic powers conduct intensive efforts for the protection of the system. Only a formation of 200 units from the LFT under the leadership of the 800-meter cruiser JADE-STAR sets out to defend the system; however, it will arrive at the Humanidrom later than the invaders. The Akon Vilgor is able to leave for the AZTAKT through a secret transmitter, after he has received certain materials in the meantime. When the JADE-STAR reaches the Scarfaaru System, the crew can observe four cylindrical ships of the Eloundars fastened to the Humanidrom and unloading vivoc. Simultaneously, the planet Lokvorth is placed under a Tangle-Feld. The JADE-STAR is able to take 2,000 refugees on board before it is driven away from the system by the Tolkander ships.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-27

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