182 - Drei von der galaktischen Abwehr
Three from the Galactic Defense
Kurt Mahr

Since 2 November 2328 the rumor has been spread throughout the galaxy by unknown persons that Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Reginald Bell are dead. On 9 November 2328 Arthur Konstantin, an agent of the Terran Galactic Defense who lives on Plophos disguised as the chief of police of a city, investigates what has happened between Plophos and the Beauly System. Konstantin becomes suspicious and initiates a search for Rhodan, Atlan and Bell. Besides Konstantin, other participants in this search include his fellow collaborators Kato Jennsen and Iko Kainnen. They also have the help of the Teckos, animals that have suprasensory faculties, and it because of these animals that they are able to discover that the Great Administrator and his companions are still alive and being held prisoner by Iratio Hondro. However the three Galactic Defense agents are eventually unmasked since Iratio Hondro also uses some Teckos. Before dying the three agents are able to transmit a message to Earth confirming that Rhodan, Atlan and Bell are not dead and are being held prisoner by Hondro.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-08

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