1819 - Eine Ladung Vivoc
A Load of Vivoc
Arndt Ellmer

So they can help Icho Tolot and Pucky, Atlan flies with ten companions in a Minor Globe to Lafayette. On that occasion it turns out that the Arkonide is largely immune to the Tangle-Scan because of his logic sector. His companions, however, are completely under the influence of the radiation and must be paralyzed. On the approach to the swamp world, the Minor Globe is destroyed by the hedgehog ships; however, the Arkonide can save the unconscious personnel in the nick of time with the help of robots and is able to get to Tolot, Pucky, Joseph Broussard jr, and Pepe. Since also a small transmitter is part of the equipment that was brought, Tolot and Atlan can send the unconscious personnel, Pucky, the Gazkar Gemba, and a seized receptacle with odor-gas of the Neezers safely to the RICO.

Shortly afterwards the Arkonide, the Haluter, the Beausoleil, and Pepe go under the protection of deflector shields into Swamp City. While there they must determine in what way the city is changed by the invaders. They are able to eavesdrop on some Alazars and find out that everyone waits for the Eloundars that should be bringing the valuable vivoc material, and that the Ebokazza will be a success. The Alazars are 2.5-meter tall, arboreal creatures. The horse-like head with deep-set, white button-eyes has a multiplicity of wormlike projections on its rear side. They have two dark-green arms that in each case have six worm-like fingers, which appear to sprout from a deformed upper body that has several cartilage-bulges. The lower part of the body is slim, laced many times, and is supported by a green-colored exoskeleton. The entire body rests on 18 wreath-like pseudopods that appear like twisted roots. The Alazars have at their disposal rod-like Karzzen, and with its help sends out their modified Tangle-Signals.

Atlan and Tolot notice they are being pursued, despite their deflectors, by flying objects of the Neezers that are patrolling everywhere. It turns out that the impact of the Tangle-Radiation causes a resonance in the brains of the association, making them suitable living beings which the Neezers can locate. This gives the Haluter the idea to possibly make the Galactic people useless to the invaders as an association through the manipulation of their resonance bodies.

Meanwhile on board the RICO Pucky interrogates Gemba. He can prevent the Gazkar from taking refuge through his deathlike stiffness with the odor-gas of the Neezers, but finds out no new information. When a goldish-red cylindrical ship of the Eloundars 800 meters long, 200 meters in diameter, and escorted by 20 hedgehog ships flies into the system, Gemba gets greatly excited. He commits suicide when an immediate passage to Lafayette is refused.

After the cylindrical ship's landing in Swamp City, innumerable form energy, honeycomb containers ten meters across are unloaded which contain the vivoc. It is a gelatinous mass that flows from worm-like cocoons and moves toward the inhabitants of the city. Atlan suspects that the people always in that form will be used for the brood of the invaders. Since the beginning of the discharge, Atlan, Tolot, Broussard, and Pepe are increasingly chased by the Gazkars, because they could harm the vivoc as "disruptive-goods." During the hunt, they receive a message that means the inhabitants of Lafayette would serve the vivoc as "psychic food." Before they can escape with the small transmitter to the RICO, the Beausoleil is shot.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-27

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